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  1. That's right but it takes too much time. In one specific case I have 9 picture frames and I have to place 1 photo in each and then manipiulate each photo within the frame to fit the frame perfect. For this I would love to have keyboard shortcuts to control the scaling and rotation of the photo.
  2. Hey Dan, thank's a lot for your help, I appreciate a lot. Your hint to the context tool bar was gold. I switched it on now :-) I hope that scaling and rotating will get their keyboard shortcuts as I have to manipulate a lot of pictures that way and it's way faster with the keyboard. InDesign let's my scale pictures in biggers steps with one keystroke and in smaller steps with a different one. That's what I would love to have for Affinity Publisher.
  3. I'm using Affinity Publisher on Mac and Windows and I'm trying to get rid of the Adobe stuff.
  4. Hey, when I import pictures into picture frames I can only scale and rotate the pictures by clicking on the picture and then using the shown slider and rotation tool within these frames. Are there some keyboard shortcuts to do so or can I add some? And how do I scale the picture within the frame non-propotional without scaling the frame itself? Cheers, Thomas

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