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  1. Figured, was hoping it was documented and would be easy to support :( I tried Excel 2011, and it works. I'll just keep my fingers crossed that Excel 2015 will work the same way, then I'll switch to that instead.
  2. Any chance of seeing this implemented? Tried with the latest beta and it's still not working.
  3. Great work! Tiny detail: I think the iPad icons are 76pt, not 72?
  4. Thanks for your advice! Found the export options. For example, if I want to export icons for iPhone, iPad and CarPlay, I would have to make a whole bunch of identical slices? In XCode I can see this: iPhone: 29pt, 40pt, 60pt (@1x,2x,3x) iPad: 29pt, 40pt, 76pt (@1x,2x) CarPlay: 120pt (@1x) So in AF I would need to make 5 different slices with sizes 19pt, 40pt, 60pt, 76pt, 120pt and then export them at @1x,2,x,3x, to do it all in one go? Wish this was doable with PDFs like the other icon sets now...
  5. I see people mentioning @2x, @3x etc. but how can I export them from AD easily? I don't seem able to set the DPI when I export to PNG (and using the trick with vector PDF-files doesn't seem to work with the AppIcon).
  6. It's not broken, it just works differently. Copying between Numbers and Pages works. Likely the data is not plain vectors but perhaps some iWork-object containing additional information.
  7. Just downloaded the latest beta and gave it a spin. It still rasterizes the stuff from Numbers (but copying from Numbers to Pages works, for example). Very odd. Try opening Numbers, pick the chart template, copy one of the existing charts, the pie for example. Paste in AD, size up. All pixly!
  8. I do this quite often and need a quick workflow with few steps, this is a bit over-complicated I would say. It would even be easier for me to export to PDF (file) and then load in AD.
  9. Suspected it would be something like that. Second-best (at least for someone used to gaming) would be W,A,S,D I guess.
  10. It's impossible to navigate with arrow keys in the layer menu. Selecting a layer highlights it, pressing "down arrow" moves the layer downward instead of moving the selection one step down. I get the point, and I'm not a professional designer, but it doesn't feel intuitive to me. I'm so used to left/right to expand/contract a group and up/down to move around in any given tree structure.
  11. It would be great to be able to paste vector graphics from iWork into Affinity Designer. Right now the graphics is rasterized on the way in. See discussion in this thread: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/1540-pie-chart-support/
  12. Really appreciate you taking the time! Pulling components from a PDF *file* is not a problem. Using "Convert to curves" on the raster didn't have the desired effect (it remained raster-looking, hard to tell whether it was vectorized or not), and the rasterization is in the first place a lossy operation? Would be nice to work losslessly with vectors. Your approach rasterizes the image as well, and it's a bit on the tedious side. EDIT: Seems something changed in iWork? :( https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5568637 Now I'm mostly curious whether it's a matter of implementing support for it, or waiting for Apple to patch iWork, using a PDF-file intermediary in the meanwhile :/
  13. Fair enough. Could pasting from Numbers be fixed, so it doesn't rasterize the graphics? EDIT: Vector copy/paste works from Numbers -> Pages but not from Numbers -> TextEdit for example, then it rasterizes, too. A workaround is to save the chart from Numbers to PDF, load it in AD, merge the pie pieces and then copy it into the document I'm working on from there. Kind of a tedious workflow, but worst-case, it will do.
  14. Very good idea! I did, but by pasting, it is rasterized in Affinity Designer :(
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