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  1. I'm able to import the PDF with the pattern though, it displays just fine (save the issues with the lines) but is rasterized on export to SVG for example (it should still be possible to export to SVG without the use of patterns?).
  2. I have a grid spaced to my application, which is very sensitive to the positioning of the gridlines (they are positioned with subpixel accuracy, in an svg with a repeating pattern, converted to a PDF). Try placing something under the grid and zoom in Affinity Designer and you will see the gridline positions changing with respect to the background. Another issue I have is that I can't import the patterned SVG, and I can't export this PDF without AD rasterizing it... EDIT: This is using AD version 1.5.4. Greetings, Josef a4l_grid.pdf
  3. I'll try exporting to PDF using "Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities" in an illustrator trial then, to see if that works. EDIT: No luck with latest Beta of AD :(
  4. Figured, was hoping it was documented and would be easy to support :( I tried Excel 2011, and it works. I'll just keep my fingers crossed that Excel 2015 will work the same way, then I'll switch to that instead.
  5. A huge layer of the map of all of Japan (in the clipping mask/'zoom window' top left) is cropped severely. Essentially all vectors that are not visible on the canvas are discarded, which is problematic since I used to move the large map around in illustrator (new chapter, new part of the country -> adjust the positioning of the underlying layer).
  6. Is anyone working on this? It's a pretty serious issue, being that it leaves a substantial chunk of my AI-files when converting (in essence making the AFDESIGN files useless). AI -> AFDESIGN conversion goes from 982 KB -> 665 KB. Tested in the latest beta, and it persists.
  7. Any chance of seeing this implemented? Tried with the latest beta and it's still not working.
  8. Great work! Tiny detail: I think the iPad icons are 76pt, not 72?
  9. Did it again just now, latest version of AD (non-beta). I had two tabs open when I closed AD, I opened AD with a third file, and when the tabs are re-loaded as AF opens again, the focus is on the tab I had open when I closed AF, not the tab of the file I just opened.
  10. Thanks for your advice! Found the export options. For example, if I want to export icons for iPhone, iPad and CarPlay, I would have to make a whole bunch of identical slices? In XCode I can see this: iPhone: 29pt, 40pt, 60pt (@1x,2x,3x) iPad: 29pt, 40pt, 76pt (@1x,2x) CarPlay: 120pt (@1x) So in AF I would need to make 5 different slices with sizes 19pt, 40pt, 60pt, 76pt, 120pt and then export them at @1x,2,x,3x, to do it all in one go? Wish this was doable with PDFs like the other icon sets now...
  11. I see people mentioning @2x, @3x etc. but how can I export them from AD easily? I don't seem able to set the DPI when I export to PNG (and using the trick with vector PDF-files doesn't seem to work with the AppIcon).
  12. Ah! Sorry about that. It's word that is slightly cropping the PDF as it's embedded. Didn't double-check to compare that, as I don't have Illustrator on this computer right now. Just compared my old PDF:s to the new ones I get from AD. Can you see the issue where the clipping box has a dashed border though? That's another issue related to the dashed lines.
  13. With the added dashed lines support it works decently, but there are some issues when importing from .ai: - Some solid lines show up as dashed after importing into AD (I know you guys are eager to show off the new feature, but it's a bit much, lol!) - Some dashed lines should run to the end of the page, but a small page margin is introduced by AD (the line ends a little bit before the page does). Sent the original AI-file to you earlier Tony, but can re-send if need be (just tell me where to email it). EDIT: But interestingly the solid lines remain solid when viewed in AD, it is only
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