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  1. Hi Dan Fantastic, just what I needed, thanks for helping out
  2. I have always use Photoshop for cropping to a specific size as its super each in Photoshop , Now I wanted to give Affinity a try but to my big surprise that is not possible or is there something I dont understand? Let say I have a photo that is 2346 x 4567 pixel and I want to crop a part of that photo to 850 x 850 pixel so the outcome will be 850 x 850 pixel. Will that be possible ?? I have tried but I can only crop the photo to 850 x 850 but the outcome will be the original size pixel and not 850 x 850 pixel as I need and I dont what to resize the photo after the crop as it will take way to long to do when doing many photos a day Hope its possible, otherwise I have to say goodbye to Affinity and stay with Photoshop

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