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  1. Oh crap. Is there any other vinyl cutter in similar price range that works with affinity designer? I won't switch to illustrator.
  2. So you are saying that you can't select a silhouette cameo as a printer in affinity designer?
  3. What was the problem? Can you print screen me the options Setup for silhouette cameo in affinity designer? I have a lot of labels created in Affinity designer and i cut in designer using old craft robo.
  4. Interesting topic. I too have an old Graphtec craft robo vinyl cutter and it work with affinity designer and publisher just fine. It annoys me a bit that driver for windows 10 is not the best and windows sometimes doesn't detect the cutter. Well it is a 9 years old and it need a replacement. So I have a question for all Silhouette cutter user. Can you cut with an affinity software? Does the software offer silhouette cameo as an option to print? If it does the probably can be used. with the affinity software just need to be tweaked a bit
  5. romeno

    Printing problem

    I use canon pixma mg5750, plain paper and high or standard quality. I have never tried to exportit to pdf and printing from there. I use layers for printing. One is label, the second is cutting adjustment for adjusting the cuttings of craft robo a4 plotter and the third is cutting the labels :)
  6. Hello Affinitiers I have a problem when i print my seal jar labels. Problem is that on a print there are some lines that shouldn't suppose to be there. They say that picture say more than a thousand words so I'll attach the samples. Those lines that are encircled with yellow line shouldn't suppose to be there. I have similar problems in designer too. If i delete the corrupted logos and copy new one from the label above or bottom the lines goes away. Maybe it has something to do with the rotation. The labels on the left are copy pasted and rotated for 180 degrees and the lines apears on the two labels on the right. But why are there i have no idea. And appears only around logo. The other lines or text are never affected. Any clues? example.afpub Printscreen.pdf
  7. Thx for the suggestion @walt.farrell I'll customize my mouse button.
  8. I agree keyboard shortcut is faster in theory. But it is not if you have one hand on the mouse. Ctrl+p is not shortcut which i can make with one hand. Anyway. I am hoping that this feature will be implemented in one of the future releases. Maybe there can be added a new custom toolbar where we can add any functions we want regardless is this a setting options, custom color pallet from photos or something completely different. I know i am overthinking the idea. Best regards Roman.
  9. Hello everyone. I'm hoping that this feature request is posted in correct way. Here it is. I'm in love with Affinity designer and is great software. But one thing really annoys me. And this is that there is no Print icon on a toolbar. I know that there is keyboard shortcut. But I'm using affinity designer combined with Graphtec Craftrobo for making labels and there is a lot of clicking with a mouse involved. I first need to change an active layer, then go to the menu and then click print. Layers are on the right side of the screen, menu is in the upper left corner and print is second from the bottom. Thank god I'm using only 22" monitor but anyway simple print icon will really speedup the process.

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