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  1. Fortunately not on a deadline. I just don't enjoy spending hours trying to fix what seem like export problems. It is what it is. Thanks!
  2. This kind of workaround should not be necessary though, should it? ETA: I've run into something similar before with a curved line, and printing to PDF didn't help. :shrug: I fixed the problem on my own, through a bunch of trial and error.
  3. I've tried to find answers to this issue, but couldn't find anything. I can't export vector art from Affinity Designer, nor Affinity Photo (V1) without straight lines becoming distorted. The output has to be .png. My standard file dimensions are 36 inches wide by 24 inches high, at 300 dpi. The exported file size is not large - 250K. Because of print limitations, the art is designed in CMYK, then exported using an sRBG ICC profile (because that's what I've been told to do.) Is this a known issue, and has it been fixed in version 2? I haven't downloaded version 2 yet because I'm waiting until I have time (most likely after the holidays) to learn the new version and set it up a new computer. Would rather avoid having to install it on my current system. See the attached file. All of these weird looking lines are straight lines - no curves. Operating System: Windows 10
  4. I have a drawing tablet, but it was not connected when I experienced the shortcuts ceasing to function. No custom keyboard shortcuts. I don't know what "AHK" is. I'm activating the menu using the right Alt key (have never heard it referred to as "Alt-Gr"; it just says "Alt").
  5. Sorry I haven't been speedy enough for people. I don't monitor the forum 24/7 and I don't get notifications when someone replies. While people have been speculating about my alleged reluctance to upload a file, I've been busy trying to figure out what changed between yesterday and this evening, because I'm no longer seeing this problem at all now with my latest effort to create a working master file, from which I'll create other images by changing the colors. There's nothing that makes me crazier than intermittent problems that suddenly appear and disappear for no discernable reason. Unfortunately, I've already trashed the old nonworking files now that I have a new working master, so can't upload them. But since you've asked, here's a file. Maybe someone else can replicate what I can't now. Also, I probably won't be back on the forum again until sometime tomorrow. Master20.afdesign
  6. I guess you missed my post that detailed the specific scenario where the shortcut keys stop working entirely. Since I'm apparently the only one experiencing it, I guess I'm just stuck with what I've got.
  7. I've tried rasterizing before exporting to png. The result is the same as what I see when exporting to .png without rasterizing first - chunks taken out of shape borders. The bites do behave differently in the layout when I zoom in and out. Exporting to PDF isn't an option - the service I'm using for printing won't accept PDF files. (Using a different service is likewise not a viable option.) I found a really ugly workaround. It requires selecting the group of vector objects, copying and pasting them into an image viewer, then saving from there as PNG with transparency. Unfortunately, that means anywhere I use white in the image requires reimporting to Affinity to refill those areas, and exporting again. It's going to lengthen the process considerably. Of course, copying and pasting from Affinity means I get an image with different dimensions and dpi, but the same total pixels. I assume that's something to do with the Clipboard in Windows, rather than an issue with Affinity. I use vector objects because of a disability that has robbed me of the ability to draw by hand. If I can't export to a raster format without this issue, then I'll have to settle for doing nothing but nonrepresentational abstract work.
  8. I've worked out that it's something in the rasterization process. Unfortunately, I can't export to a different file format. Rasterizing and doing touch-ups isn't a viable option. If there's a solution for preventing this, I haven't found it. I guess I'm just going to have to abandon weeks of work and cut my losses.
  9. I spoke to soon - this is still a problem. My new master looks perfectly fine in Affinity when I view it at actual size. When I export to PNG, "bites" are taken out of the borders. I'd appreciate some guidance, though I think I'm going to just end up switching applications if I can't find a quick way around this problem.
  10. This is a sidebar to the topic of the original post. (R C-R didn't mention resampling vs not resampling in his question to me. Is it really necessary for us to go down this path?) What I would like is answers about my original question about keyboard shortcuts ceasing to work, and whether what I'm seeing in that regard is expected behavior in the application, or some sort of bug. Editing to add: As mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I've changed my mind about using a 6-inch x 6-inch image anyway.
  11. I'm going to say "nevermind". I've made a new master, and I'm not able to replicate this behavior. Not sure what happened with the original that I'd been working from. Ugh, now I get to repeat the work I've been doing for the last few weeks and hope things behave.
  12. I've spent literally days designing something using a series of vector ellipses, each rotated 137.5 degrees from the prior. The ellipses are placed in a group, which has 3-4 subgroups of 6-8 objects. Each group of ellipses are a different length. These are created in CMYK using a registration black border. The background is transparent. (I doubt the foregoing matters, but I've included it in case it does for some reason.) Here's the problem: As an entire group of these ellipses are scaled up or down, their borders appear to have "bites" taken out of them - "bites" that disappear, then reappear in different locations, and appearing in different shapes & sizes. It's bizarre. I thought it was just some visual anomaly, but when I export the group to a .png file (changing the color model from cmyk to rbg), I see that those "bites" taken out of the border are part of the exported image. I'm going to have to scrap the project I've been working on for untold hours entirely if there's no solution. See the attached image.
  13. The DPI (dots per inch) doesn't change when you resize an image. The number of total pixels does change. For example: An image that is 10 inches x 10 inches at 100 dpi would be 1,000 pixels x 1,000 pixels, or 1,000,000 total pixels. Reducing that image to 5 inches x 5 inches, it would remain at 100 dpi, and would be 500 pixels x 500 pixels, or only 250,000 total pixels. Now, apply that to an image that is 6 inches x 6 inches at 300 dpi (3,240,000 total pixels), copying that image, then using "paste new from clipboard". What you get is an image 18.75 inches by 18.75 inches, reduced to 96 dpi. Even though the size in inches is larger, and the dpi is less, this is still a document that has 3,240,000 total pixels. Now, if I reduce the resulting image to the actual size I want (6 inches x 6 inches), the dpi doesn't change - it's still at 96 dpi. It's now a document that only has 331,776 total pixels. In other words, Affinity preserves the total pixels when you "paste new from clipboard", but instead of preserving the size in inches and the size in dpi, you get the above. I don't know why. I suppose this is "expected behavior" as far as the way it's programmed, but it's not what I expected to happen. Why worry about the size in inches at all? Because of its relationship to dpi - dots per inches. If I'm designing something specifically for a print size of 6 x 6 at 300 dpi, I'm not going to design it to be 18.75 x 18.75 inches at 96 dpi, even thought it's the same total pixels. It might work just as well, but should I do that if its not the specification I was provided for the images? I think not.
  14. That would be fine if it was for display on a screen. Since I'm creating things for print purposes, I have to be mindful of total pixels. That said, I'm thinking of using a larger size than the 6 x 6 I originally mentioned, which makes this something of a moot point. Thankfully, I'm working with vector objects, so scaling doesn't present a problem.
  15. Definitely different in Windows then. I see Alfred has addressed this. I couldn't function without keyboard shortcuts. I can't use a regular mouse, and even using a trackball is dodgy.
  16. Ah - I didn't know that, but I see that you're right. I suppose "New from Clipboard" is useful for something, but definitely not for my purposes. Thanks for the tip!
  17. I also lose the ability to use Cntrl+S to save the file if I use the Alt+A and arrow keys to select items from the Arrange menu. So, that's not very nice.
  18. Yes - I had posted the wrong shortcut - was apparently editing the post while you were replying. Should have said Alt+A, not Ctrl+A. It's using the shortcut for the Arrange menu an arrow keys to select from that menu that is killing the Tools shortcuts. If I use the mouse instead, for that operation, they remain active. Seems like a bug?
  19. Okay, I've found something more specific: I'm copying a single layer from one file, and pasting into a new file, after which I need to adjust the object's position, then save it as a new file. Here's how I'm doing that: Click on desired layer Ctrl+C to copy it Ctrl+N to start a new file. It defaults to the same preset I've been using (just a blank of a specific size, 6 x 6 inches), so I just hit ENTER to confirm and the new file opens. (I'm not using "New form clipboard" because even though the object is roughly 5 x 5 inches, I instead end up with a file that's 16 x 16 inches. No idea why.) Ctrl+V to paste the copied layer into the file V to select the layer with the Move tool Alt+A for the Arrange menu, choose "Align Center" Alt+A for the Arrange menu, choose "Align Middle" If I want to use any other Tools at this point, I can't get to them via a shortcut. The Tools shortcuts are dead at this point. So maybe it's something I'm doing, but I don't understand why this kills them. *Additional Info* If I mouse to use the Arrange menu instead of using the Alt+A shortcut, the Tools shortcuts remain active.
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