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  1. rogerbythesea

    DXF Export Support

    You're totally right that some workflows will never need this functionality. I think that's the background that Affinity is coming from. They are coming from a paper/web-based angle and don't see the value. However, many designers that use their software: architects, product designers and other makers use graphic design software all the time to communicate their ideas. However, because we need operate in real-world units because we make stuff, that leaves us crying out for something that can maintain the accuracy of information for import/export. As this functionality is available in so many other packages and the file format is open source, it's just frustrating that Affinity will not devote any resources to do something that seems so common.
  2. rogerbythesea

    DXF Export Support

    The thing I don't understand is that DXF is open source. I'd understand if they were trying to crack DWG which is owned by Autodesk but this is the universal default in the same way that no 3d package would be without an OBJ import/export. It really is the lowest common file type that you would expect from a vector program. I struggle to understand by Affinity are being so resistant to provide this basic functionality.
  3. rogerbythesea

    DXF Export Support

    We are a firm of architects and I've been singing the praises of Affinity products since I bought them a few months ago. All the designers and architects we know use software like this and almost exclusively Adobe at the moment. However, not having a DXF or DWG export is a huge reason not to switch and is going to make our workflow so much more difficult going forward. Makes the switch from Adobe seem a lot less worthwhile now... Four years is a long time in software development and if it's going to be several more years it would be pretty depressing.

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