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  1. You should definitely in the future start working on something that replaces the terrible Adobe Captivate. I know that for the moment is outside your scope and it’s surely a HUGE endeavor … but it’s a good market believe me. There is a lot of stuff around but almost all expensive and clumsy (Captivate is also very buggy). With your approach of seamless integration among your suite (Great Idea) it would be a terrific product. If you don't believe me .. try Captivate :-( Thank you for your consideration.
  2. I have a couple of suggestion for D, Ph and Pu. You should add the black dot to the close window button when a document needs to be saved (like pretty much all the other software on a Mac has). It’s a good visual reminder of the state of the document (I know that the word modified appears in the title of course, but on a Mac the black dot seems to be more common and easy too notice). Unless I am mistaken .. in your products when the tools and property windows are moved out of the main window (they are not docked), there is no way to make them stick (magnetic) to the document window. So when I drag the main window they do not follow. I know it’s a minor thing .. but it would be very useful. Many of us use very large monitors and can keep the window not maximized with the tolls and panes outside. Thank you for your consideration.
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