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  1. something new for this issue ... wait before starting a isometric project =\
  2. someone can give me information about this issue ? patch or something ? :\
  3. Its not only for curve or special object. When i made flat object i have this pixel line too and i don't want to patch manually with curve underobject each time i have an intersection :/ somebody have automatic option's for that ... I try to disable antialiasing from Nvidia settings and that was not affective :( I don't have more idea's to patch that :/
  4. waiting for patch in 2020 is very sad that not patch now
  5. its not for photo is to make an mirror for the brush tools... but in pixel tools it not work
  6. I try to use the pixels art tools with the mirror symetrie activated ... and wow the brush is not the same in the two side ... Windows 10 Last version of Affinity photo
  7. its will be nice to do that with .afphoto file directly !
  8. Hello dear friends, i have some question about pixels art ( specialy to make tileset ). I try to make a 16x16 document to put pixels in it and make multiple linked import of it in publishier ( the only one can do it with place function ). my question is why in my file i have nice and sharp pixels but when i import it in publisher i blur all the way ? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wA0VyFxCXRBGpLY0S2amLV_HgR50DKW9/view?usp=sharing i try to remplicate that type of work flow
  9. thanks for you trick do you know if the bugs is on the ETA for next update ?
  10. Why I have a gap of 1px when I stuck my 4 object together. My snap to grid is activated and in my settings is config to get exact snap. Is very annoying :(. thanks for your help testing.afdesign
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