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  1. Hi all. For some reason the merge feature is not working for me. One layer has a stroke on it, the other layer has a shape on it (circle). I select both layers, click on the icon as shown in the above post, and select "merge selected" but nothing happens. I've even tried turning the shape into curves ("convert to curves") to see if that would help, but nothing. Help please!
  2. OMG, you don't understand how long it took me to find this information on the internet! These forum boards have been invaluable when it comes to learning how to work in Affinity Designer, but a lot of these messages are years old or are geared towards the desktop version (not the iPad, which is the only version I have). Knowing how to put text on the inside and outside of a circle on the iPad is information that Affinity NEEDS to make easier to find. Anyways, loving the program so far, but it is a steep learning curve on the iPad.
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