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  1. When exporting All Pages, the resulting output dimension depends on which spread I have selected at time of export.
  2. I recently encountered an export issue with a gate-fold card project I created. The document is a 4 page, "facing pages" project, with mixed spread dimensions: Page 1: 15x7in Page 2 & 3: 5x7in Page 4: 10x7in It is configure this way so that I get 4 images when I export All Pages, and the single image on pages 2 & 3 is split in half. When I export All Spreads, it produces 3 images, all with correct dimensions (4500x2100, 3000x2100, 3000x2100). When I export All Pages, all 4 images are forced into a single dimension (4500x2100). In all cases, I am exporting using preset JPEG (Best Quality) I tried playing around with various settings, but always with the same result. A document is attached from which I can reproduce this issue. I reproduced this with versions 1.7.2 and 1.7.3 - at first I thought it was a regression introduced in 1.7.3, but reproduced after rolling back to 1.7.2. 5x7 Gate Fold - Export Bug.afpub
  3. Was not ignoring your comments - just replied to your post
  4. So changing the ICC Profile to ProPhoto RGB made a huge difference, and as you said is probably the issue. I have to admit I am fairly confused around all the various color settings in Affinity - color management in general is already seriously complex - perhaps Affinity is just exposing some of that complexity. Assuming that switching to ProPhoto RGB on export seems to work - does that mean I should change my Document Settings to use ProPhotoRGB as well and use that throughout? When I export using sRGB - the original problem - is there a relatively simple explanation as to why the colors are so dull? Is this due to the color space I chose (RGB/8)? Thanks!
  5. I am attaching the Publisher file here - a scaled down version of course. To be clear, I copied the original document, and removed all the extra pages, and saved. Regarding how I created this document, I am afraid I wasn't clear in the process, which sounds like it is an important part of the color management: To get the image into the document, I create a picture frame using the picture frame tool, locate an image in Adobe Bridge, and drag that photo into the picture frame. Nothing "fancy" like importing PDFs. I am using "Linked" instead of "Embedded", if that matters. Although, template which I created and used for this book defaults to "Embedded", after I add 3 or 4 images it recommends to switch to "Linked", so I let it switch to "Linked". Thank you all! AF-Favorites.afpub
  6. Hi All, I have a photobook I originally created in InDesign, and am porting over (manually recreating) into Affinity Publisher. I am having problems around color consistency while exporting. When exporting to JPG, colors visually match between InDesign and Affinity exports. I am having issues when exporting to PDF. InDesign PDF colors visually match JPG exports, but for the life of me I cannot get the Affinity Publisher PDF colors to match. I have confirmed visually by opening both PDFs in same reader side by side, as well as actually physically printing (3rd party) on paper. They are washed out and dull in comparison. I am attaching a page of the book from both. Please tell me what additional settings you need me to provide. Cheers! Affinity Publisher.pdf InDesign.pdf
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