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  1. Thanks for the heads up. Sorry I didn’t catch the prior thread.
  2. AnthonyCornett

    Running Titles

    I just realized that InDesign and Publisher use 'sections' in a slightly different way. For my use within InDesign, I am able to attach a paragraph style to 'sections' so that anytime I use a particular paragraph style, it creates what they refer to as a 'section', and then I can do as you say, and put the <Section Name> into a folio of a master page. Within Publisher, however, I can't seem to find an equivalent of this. There really isn't a possibility of me creating manual 'sections' for subheads, as there are a ton, and they don't exactly fit the purpose of sections of a book, per say. They are just subheads within a larger section, or chapter.
  3. AnthonyCornett

    Running Titles

    For book design, I use the folio/running header for section names, and I define a certain paragraph style as a <Section Name>. This is vital for my use since the book may have hundreds of subsections within a given text, and the header needs to be produced automatically to show the first or last section name on the page as the running header. There is no way to do this reasonably by hand, and InDesign allows for this feature as a normative process. I can't seem to figure it out with Publisher. Any help?
  4. Perhaps I am simply not finding this feature that may already exist: I am needing to have a certain paragraph form align only the first line to the baseline grid, but there doesn't seem to be an option for this...only all lines of the paragraph.
  5. AnthonyCornett


    I suppose I"m simply adding a voice of ascent to this thread, but as a book designer and publisher, footnote/endnote and sidenote ability is essential. Ideally this feature would have other advanced features related to alignment to the baseline (first line only, or entire paragraph form), space between notes (treated as paragraphs?), how numbering or special characters for notes are displayed, spacing before notes and between marker and note, etc.
  6. AnthonyCornett

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi everyone, I'm Anthony Cornett. I've been working in the design world for nearly 20 years, much of those within the Adobe platform. While I've worked in digital and print advertisement, web design, and promotional product imprinting, my current focus is book design. I've been using InDesign for this for some years, and still use Photoshop and Illustrator to assist in the process. Or, I should say, I USED to. I am now dedicating myself to the Affinity platform. I look forward to following the development, and would love to see some necessary features implemented in the Publisher app for my use as a book designer and publisher. I'll head over to the feature request forums to see what's been happening. Thanks again!

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