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  1. It looks like I have a similar, if not the same issue. (I use an Wacom Intuos 2018 med.) I have disabled all Windows features related to the use of the tablet. Nevertheless, I get an input delay similar to the one caused by WIndows Ink, when clicking and holding to start a brushstroke, Aff. Photo doesn't draw immediately. It is hard to explain, if I touch the tablet and don't move the point, it takes several milliseconds to start the brushstroke, pointed out on history "Paint Brush Tool". If there is immediate movement when starting the stroke, the action is seamless, as well as when quickly tapping the tablet.
  2. I need to edit a document in AD from a PDF, but the notations and equations are completely messed up in AD, is it because of Cambria Math? How can I avoid this issue?
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