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  1. thanks matt. thats what I would have thought. Not sure how i didnt notice you cant copy & paste. Can I run the beta and regular versions concurrently?
  2. I have the same issue but for posting into fireworks. I have an older version of illustrator that requires a legacy version of Java, so I though I might as well just get Affinity for a cheaper price. I have been running the trial version and have now just purchased it. One of the simple things I used to do with Illustrator is open an SVG file and copy and paste this into Fireworks (Fireworks CS3 cant open SVG files ). The first thing I tried to do with Affinity is to do the same thing and unfortunately you can't. Furthermore, I could be mistaken, but I am pretty sure I have tried this on the trial version and it did work as this was one of the things I wanted to do before I downloaded the trial version. Is it possible this has changed? Is there any way to make copying and pasting between programs possible? I am posting this question as part of this thread because it relates. If I dont receive an answer in a few days, I will post as a separate question.
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