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  1. Did you notice any patterns? I started happening to me since the beginning of last week when I updated my AP to the latest version. Does it happen when you work on the same(set) files No it happens on literally almost every file I work on Can you replicate it? Is it random? no it always happens whenever I'm working on a new doc Where do you save those files? on my MacBook Pro What MacOS version have you got? the latest MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6 Are you using any embedded documents? no Is the folder you save into syned with any cloud service? no
  2. My software keeps freezing every time I’m trying to save and it doesn’t end up saving, I have to force quit in order for it to shutdown. When I reopen it the recovery files doesn’t always recover my stuff and I’ve already lost two files I was working last night for my university project, I’m absolutely fuming. Ever since updating this new software it’s been happening this entire week and it’s soooo laggy the graphics are very poor please find a solution and fix this bug!!!!
  3. The app I have keeps lagging so much and takes forever to save my work and now it froze and wouldn't save my work so I had to force quit it and then when restored my unsaved documents it deleted one of them I was working on I'm beyond fuming I have university work to do and THIS CANT BE HAPPENING!
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