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  1. I assume, this was easy for you. Thanks, Don Tango
  2. Hi, tried all (both) ways I know to open the SVG file in affinity (drag & drop and open) both ended the same pixelated result. Tried the same with an EPS file , ended pixelated. But I could open this EPS file with preview and there everything was smooth (vectorized). Yes I work with affinity photo. Thanks, Don Tango P.S: Oh, one last question before I convince myself to invest in affinity designer. Are you able to simply change the color of one area?
  3. Hi everyone, has anyone experience with vector magic? I use to online version to create, of course, vectorized files from jpg files. Creation and download are pretty straight forward, but when I open the SVG File it shows a bitmap structure. The pic above shows what vector magic shows me online (left) vs. the downloaded SVG file in affinity (right). Did I anything wrong or what must I do different.
  4. Stop found the information in your pic. Thank you Don Tango
  5. From now I call you god of affinity :-) One last question, when using your macro to my pic the result is black/white. Your pic shows some color. How did you ... Thank you in advance for wasting your valuable time with a newbie. Don Tango
  6. Like it, would you like to share the workflow ? Best regards Don Tango
  7. P.S: Starting point was a photo.
  8. Hi guys, does anybody have a workflow idea to create this kind of result. Thanks in advance Don Tango
  9. Thanks Alfred, have seen this instructions, cool effect but not exactly what I'm looking for. Does anybody have a clue how the workflow looks like for this picture? Thanks in advance, Don Tango
  10. Hi, tried a lot of things, watched a lot of tutorials, but nowhere is my goal adressed. I want to create a comic style from a photo, to be more specific I want to create a comic style like the avatar of @MEB. Can anyone, maybe MEB himself, help me and provide me with the workflow for this project. Thanks in advance Don Tango

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