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  1. Having defined a symbol and then created several instances in (say) a layer. You can't switch off/on the visibility of any one instance separately - all instances are either on or off. The visible property should be attached to the instance not the symbol definition.
  2. For example: I need to print a brochure that is made up of two sheets of A4 landscape with front and back printing on each side. This is to be folded into an 8 page A5 sized brochure. When I design I want to see facing pages BUT when I print I want Page 1 and 8 on one side of sheet 1 and pages 2 and 7 on the other. Similarly for the second (inside) sheet, one side has pages 3 and 6 and the other (Centrefold) had pages 4 and 5. So I need to design with facing pages but print with different pairs of pages! I need a 'Page Mapper' to allow this. Will this be possible. I have given an 8 page example but need a solution for any sized booklet.
  3. PaulHatton

    Failure to apply kerning to Frame Text

    Sorry I meant to say 'Failure to apply Leading (not kerning) !!
  4. Been using Frame Text (box) for putting in lines of a song on a song sheet. Perhaps it is my ignorance, but the Paragraph 'leading' does not seem to work when selected and altered in the Paragraph toolbox. Tried selecting box and then the text lines inside the box) In the end I retyped the song using Artistic text and here it works fine. Just thought I would tell you! Using 1.5.3 Version Otherwise still enjoying your superb product.
  5. Maybe I have messed with a setting somewhere but, Affinity seems to lose the top margin when I print. I set it at , say, 15mm and it starts the page about 13mm higher (on A4 paper). Thus my drawing has to be shifted down about 13mm to come out truly as intended. I had not noticed this before so maybe it has come in after last upgrade. If I export the whole page as pdf and then print margins are correct! See file Test page and Print Preview Grab. Affinity Print Problem.tiff
  6. Dear Lee Thanks for the reply. I look forward to the fix. I am a new user for Affinity and have very much enjoyed the software.Have been doing technical drawings/diagrams for a medical text-book. I look forward to future developments. Regards Paul

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