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    WOW, I am impressed with your reply and the detail you have gone to in explaining your views, cheers. Personally I am happy to export my completed images and always save/export them with a slightly different file name to maintain the original untouched file. I know different people have different needs or wishes which is fantastic, I'm only hoping that we allow either/or so we're all happy with what works for them :-)
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    I appreciate your response, but I was only talking about my own personal wants, I do realise other people will have their own wish list, I was only suggesting that the option was left open for either/or, not compelled one way or the other. I cant even imagine millions of files to a single individual user, what is the capacity of your storage, I'm puzzled with the importance you place on DAM you're not certain whether you have thousands or millions of files?
  3. I notice that some people complain affinity photo doesn’t do “DAM” and to be honest it was the lack of this feature that drew me to the program, I only want to open a photo, not import it. Clearly Adobe have lost the plot and one day people will workout that their photo catalogue will be unusable if they decide to stop paying for adobe's subscription (ransom) If you ever decide to introduce DAM into affinity photo, please maintain the option to ‘open’ our photos rather than have to ‘import’ our photos….PLEASE! Perhaps develop a stand alone application for people that want DAM Love the software, keep up the great work.

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