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  1. Dan, Thanks for investigating this. It does make sense that the image from a fisheye lens would have that look. I enjoyed the ability to use the automatic correction sometimes and disable it sometimes. If there was a way to make the legacy profile available, I would use it! The manual sliders for lens correction will get some of the way toward the effect of that profile, but they don't quite straighten the lines or the way that profile did. Thanks, Jonathan
  2. Thanks, Dan. I have uploaded two raw files, both taken with my 8mm lens. I am using a Mac with OS 10.14.6. Thanks for the help!
  3. I recently updated Affinity photo to version 1.7.2. After updating, the lens correction for my Olympus 8mm f/1.8 fisheye does not appear to be doing anything. Prior to updating, the automatic lens correction would straighten out the distortion from the fisheye lens, and the image in the develop persona appeared quite different depending on whether the automatic lens correction was enabled or not. Now, the image appears almost unchanged, whether the automatic lens correction is enabled or disabled. Affinity correctly identifies the lens, but it seems like the information on how to remove the distortion has been lost from the lens profile. I have tried changing the setting in the Develop Assistant from "Apply Lens Correction" to "Take no action". After that I've tried checking the box under Lens Correction, and it changes the image almost imperceptibly. Previously, it was a quite noticeable change when I did this. Has anyone else experienced this or know what should be done to fix it? Or, alternatively, what am I doing wrong? Thanks!
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