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  1. So this is silly, you App does not save the previous settings used. Good thing I'm on try mode. No point buying the app at this current state.
  2. I have a macro in photoshop that when I copy any image (watermark) that the macro will use that last copied watermark from clipboard to paste in images. Why does AF Photo is always using the same images that I used to record macro with? It's completely ignoring the new image that I copied.
  3. So i'm trying to move from Photoshop to Affinity Photo, two things i have issues with. 1. I cant record CMD + S to save file when recording Marco 2. Batch processing does not save previous settings. Every-time i open it o have to configure again, such as JPG + 100% quality and so on. Am i doing something wrong or is this poor design of the software?

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