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  1. Australian "digger" wearing the "slouch hat" leans against the wall of a typical Libyan roadhouse, giving his feet a well deserved break. The wall has been decorated with an advertisement for Griffith's tea made by an obviously most talented Autralian sapper. Also leaning on the wall is the superb British .303in. Bren machine gun. Pretty far away from home... The graphics is a wild mixture of coloured photo (digger's head), ArtPose body, Bren gun scale model image and own drawings.
  2. Italian Autoblinda AB41, burned out in the Libyan desert, 1942. Original XARA drawing heavily post-processed with the wonderful AP 1.
  3. Great drawing of the Beaufort ! IMO, it would be even more amazing if you would emphasize the highlights to give the model more depth. Switch to AP and dodge the hell out of it using some texture brushes. Or, move to Tone Mapping and see what you get. Just my 2c...
  4. ...one of Rommel's artillery tractors in Egypt. Again original vector drawing made in XARA Xtreme 5.1, heavily post-processed with the wonderful AP Front flag, Frontwheel cover and rear canvas all done in Liquify Persona and "dodge"d and "burn"ed later... Look here for a similar drawing.
  5. MERCEDES-BENZ ! This time a 4.5-ton 4x4 MB L4500 Heavy Truck. Part of Rommel's D.A.K. when chasing the 8th Army east on their "Gazala Gallop" right to El Alamein, but no step further ! Libya, Egypt, exactly (!) 80 years ago... (another needless war !) Original truck drawing with XARA Xtreme 5.1, heavily post-processed with AP Though I love AD, it can't compete (yet) with the Xtreme 5.1 when it comes to fast vector drawing, just my 2c...
  6. Great work, Marc !! I like the reflections on the body, but would recommend to omit or blur the lower background as it distracts too much from the loco itself. And I would emphasize the shadow over the suspension as well.
  7. Amazing work, Adriano, would really love to see a tutorial on the whole process.
  8. Thanks for your kind words (and the thumbs-up btw), Mark, much appreciated. Blender has obviously evolved from a more hobbyist tool to a serious 3D environment. I'm currently trying to get my 64-year-old head around the 2.9x version, but I'm somewhat afraid of struggling again with those countless shortkeys, the retopo, uvmapping and texturing...
  9. Right, first drawing is orthographic, liked it somehow.
  10. Famous El Alamein Station, Egypt, Western Desert, mid-1942 3D created in Moi3D and 3D Coat, post-processed in Affinity Photo Hommage to my favourite painter Edward Hopper... Arrival of the British LMS 2-8-0 Stanier 8F Steam Loco
  11. Working with MoI3D is straightforward when it comes to hardsurface modelling. I never got my head around poly modelling, so I'm restricted to what I can achieve with NURBS. Pros : No mess with boolean ops, fillets (well, almost) or sweeping. Cons : No organic shapes. Moi3D delivers nice meshes and a rudimentary uvmap. Here's a screenshot of my current WIP, a Cruiser A9 Tank Turret : I uvmap, texture paint (!) and render smaller projects in 3DCoat, but just render larger ones in Marmoset Toolbag. And do the after effects on the rendered pngs in Affinity Photo as with the "Ack-Ack" posted here. Don't know BLENDER though, so I can't judge it compared to MoI and 3DCoat.
  12. German 88mm Flak 18 AA/AT Gun "Bärbel" of WW2. Pretty successful against British and Australian Armour in the Desert Campaign. Moi3D Model rendered in Mamoset Toolbag and heavily weathered in Affinity Photo.
  13. WOW, GrubbyFingers, a real masterpiece ! Unbelievable ! Did you consider using "3D" or "Bevel" effects for the outstanding surfaces to get more depth and sharpness ? Just my 2c...
  14. Officially "Tractor, Heavy, M1", U.S. Artillery Tractor of WW2. Originally a 20-year old "Jasc. PSP" vector graphics, imported as png into AP and heavily weathered therein. A welcome occasion to test and polish my skills and, most of all, reveal my deficiencies. Here's the layer structure and my brush collection :
  15. Russian WW2 B-4 203mm Howitzer, heavily weathered in AP
  16. Vector-only portrait with extensive use of Layer Effects like Inner/Outer Shadow, Gaussian Blur and 3D. Oliver http://www.o5m6.de
  17. I agree, VectorWhiz, I hope they won't be carried away by other projects like XARA was...
  18. British "General Grant" Medium Tank in Desert camouflage of 1942. My first large project in Affinity Designer as I usually draw in Xara Designer. AD is phantastic, but still lacks some of XD's features like blend, mesh etc. Oliver, www.o5m6.de
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