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    mehenninger reacted to MEB in Where are the WorkBook Project Resource links?   
    Hi bryan,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
    Go to the the green page at the beginning of each chapter and you should find a url like affin.co/xyz..
    On the projects section the link is on the first page after the separator pages (in green too).
    Type it on your browser to download the zipped resources files.
    Basically you have to add the project name after the affin.co/ to download the resources for that project.
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    mehenninger reacted to toltec in Default pen/colour settings   
    If you go Edit > Defaults > Save it will remember Line and Fill settings for new documents but for more complex stuff you need to save styles.
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    mehenninger reacted to MEB in Default pen/colour settings   
    Hi Jake,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
    Select the line with the fill/stroke properties you want to become default then click Synchronise defaults from selection in the main toolbar (the blue cloud icon with an up white arrow). Affinity Designer will use the attributes of that selection from now on to create new lines/objects.
    You can reset the attributes back to their defaults (grey fill/no stroke), clicking on the Revert defaults icon (on the right of the Synchronise defaults from selection icon).

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