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    Hello everybody. My name is Giuseppe Improta and I am a Visual Artist living in BC, Canada. I have worked for almost 20 years in the Computer Graphics world and I supervise lighting and lookdev in high-end VFX productions. I am also a cinematographer and photographer. I also have a YouTube channel for Computer Graphics and specifically for lighting for artists (LightDark Academy). I switched recently to the Affinity suite from the Adobe world for my photography business and so far I am happy. I hope to be able to give useful and constructive suggestions to improve these already great products and maybe help somebody else creating good stuff. Cheers! G. Improta
  2. I just switched from Photoshop to Affinity and I am finding the same issue. It would be as simple as having a catch on the file name sequence and subsequently, a dialog asking if one wants to open each file independently or for a panorama / hdr merge. I am really frustrated about having to select files manually to do that.

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