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  1. I am not sure that this is an unusual experience. Since updating to the new 1.7... I have had nothing but trouble, and have barely been able to edit a photo. With the amount of crashes and slow spinning wheels, work that normally would take me 10 minutes, literally takes me all day!
  2. I have had many problems when I recently updated to 1.7.2 and now 1.7.3 seems to have hardly fixed anything. The paintbrush tool continuously restarts my computer when I try to use it to create a mask in an adjustment layer. The dodge/burn tool continuously just does not work and often has the spinning wheel pop up but shows no results, despite being listed in the history. When trying to flatten a document I regularly end up with the checkerboard image... I don't believe this is a problem with my computer, I had an earlier version and things worked fine. It has not been until I upgraded... the layer panel seems to be doing something weird as well, and the random pixels shown in the layer icons also seem to appear in the dodge/burn or paintbrush tools when I try to use them
  3. I did notice today that there is a new update, not sure I want to update with all that seems to be going on...
  4. I do have Metal Compute ticked. Here is the file, it is not flattened at the moment. This morning, when I tried to flatten there was no problem, however last night I tried 4 times and it always came out with the checker pattern. It seems that the first file I work on will go somewhat smoothly for a bit, and then things will start to glitch, slow down, or freeze. If I close everything sometimes it will be back to ok, or it will still not run smoothly... Yesterday the program restarted my computer unexpectedly twice. The major slow downs seemed to start when I tried to create layer masks in an adjustment layer. I used the paint brush tool to modify the adjustment layer and often there would be a significant lag, or the computer would shut down. Previously this would happen with the dodge and burn tools as well. Side note, I have also noticed that the denoise options do not work... kristen.tiff
  5. Hi again, Things seem to be getting worse, trying to use the paint brush to apply a mask will sometimes crash the computer, When I try to flatten a document I am getting the checkerboard background for no image... I have actually upgraded my computer to a solid state drive and upped the RAM, and the program seem worse then ever.
  6. Thanks MEB for the quick reply. I have done as you asked, including enabling Metal Compute Acceleration. Yesterday I also re-installed the program... as of this morning it seems to be running better, but I have not had a chance to sit down and work yet. I have been able to to enter tone mapping, the program did not freeze when trying to do some of the same actions as I had before, however I have only one photo open at the moment. I will update you later today if things seem to be slowing down again. My Mac specs are Thanks again. C
  7. I just downloaded the new update for Affinity Photo and it is extremely slow with what I would consider basic functions (ie. curves, exporting etc). The program constantly freezes when trying to use the gradient tool, and any filters (ie haze removal), unable to access tone mapping persona without having to force quite the program. I can barely edit a photo.
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