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  1. Because no one answered I tried another approach with gradients in the background: Its not exactly what I planned but it works when pixel'd: still, I don't know why its bleeding on my first approach.
  2. This does not work, because the image has an alpha channel, I just did a black background to make the bright pixels more visible. Also I don't like to manually post-process every pixel. I don't have this problem with other vector programs like Inkscape. (Edit: Inkscape produces the same bleeding now, but I could bet this wasn't the case a few years ago 🤷‍♀️) That's a similar problem but your answer does not work, it just makes the layer non-anti-aliased. that does not make any sense, it's just a flat vector image without blur or some other shenanigans. Affinity Designer blends overlapping layers on the edges of the forms incorrect together.
  3. I'm currently working on some UI replacements for a game in Affinity Designer. The images are not going to be very high resolution, that's why every pixel counts. My problem while being in the pixel view mode and exporting the image as png is that the lower layers bleed through on the edges and make the pixels brighter as they should be. Normal View: Pixel View: These bright pixels are very visible in-game and make them look very disrupted. It does not make any sense for me that they are brighter. How do I get rid of these pixels?
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