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  1. Eduardo Oliveira

    PDF file does not open correctly

    Hi Thomaso, At first my preocupation was to illustrate what was the problem. The "Test" file was printed by a pdf printer as image (I think) so a lot of the original information was lost. The subsequent files have the real problem. Could you open the original pdf from my client with Designer? Can you see the second page correctly? Thanks
  2. Eduardo Oliveira

    PDF file does not open correctly

    Hi, This was my first time in the forum. Everything else has gone smoothly The learning curve has been interesting. Thank you for the help.
  3. Eduardo Oliveira

    PDF file does not open correctly

    Thank you for your fast help. The image was just to illustrate what I was trying to open. I took it from printing the original file with print PDF. Bellow are: - Original PDF sent by the client: - AFdesign file saved by opening the original PDF Thank you 2019 - Wickett Jones - Caixa perfume_v0 enviada cliente.afdesign 2019 - Wickett Jones - Caixa perfume_v0 enviada cliente.pdf
  4. Hi, A client sent me a pdf file to work with. One of the pages opens with no problem. The other has a mesh like a pattern from a fabric and affinity designer just opens a red immage. In my pdf reader its fine. Does anyone know what is happening? I already made a repair to the program but not changes. Update: I printed the file with a PDF printer and was able to open the file as an image. Not ideal solution. Does anyone have some idea of what is happening and how to resolve it? I spent 2 days back and forth with the client cause they didn't understand why I was seeing a red image. teste.pdf