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  1. I had set a page range that include all the pages (i.e. 1-64). I did this because the first two times I tried to export the file without a page range I got errors, but when I put in the page range it exported the first time without any problems, apart from the extra, unwanted bleed. I have just tried to export the file again without the page range, the first time it gave the same error as before, but on the second attempt it worked fine and produced a correct PDF with no bleed on the inside edge. It was partly a user error on my part, but also a bug in the programme. It's good to know that it will work correctly and I can continue to use the software for future editions of the magazine, provided I don't use the page range setting, or at least until it is fixed. Now if that embedded fonts issue on imported PDFs can be sorted I'll be a happy bunny.
  2. Chris Patmore

    PDF export (and import)

    I saw on the other post about the issue, the moderator posted that it only happened when a page range was put in the export settings, which in fact is what I had done as I got an error the first two times I tried to make the PDF, but when I put in the page range, for all the pages, it made the PDF but with the extra bleed. I have just tried exporting it again without a page range, and although I did get an error on the first try, on the second attempt it came out correctly. They have acknowledged that it is a bug and will be working on fixing it. So there was a slight user error on my part, but on the upside it did uncover a bug.
  3. Chris Patmore

    PDF export (and import)

    I am using the latest version and the document is correctly set up. I have been using DTP (as it was called when I started) for over 30 years, so I do have a pretty good idea of what I'm doing. The issue is with pages that are spreads. Single pages, such as front and back cover export correctly. When they are spreads, the individual pages export with the bleed on the inner edge. As I pointed out in my OP, having the extra bleed on the inside edge is fine for traditional litho printing that needs crop marks and will be placed into imposition software, but for digital printing of print-on-demand it doesn't require crops. Hopefully the Affinity/Serif boffins can fix in the next update, and time-consuming workarounds don't really cut it.
  4. It is definitely a bug with Publisher. InDesign will export a PDF with no bleed on the inside edge of spreads. Having the bleed on the inside edge is fine with traditional litho printing where the pages are all trimmed, or specific imposition is used, depending on the binding method, but with print-on-demand, which usually doesn't require crop marks but a very specific size page size that only has bleed on three outer edges, it will reject the file with the extra inner edge bleed. Even cropping the extra bleed off in Acrobat doesn't resolve the problem as that extra bleed is still in the file, just not visible, as I found out today. Workarounds are the solution to a basic fundamental error.
  5. I had the same issue today, but without using crop marks as the PDF was for Magcloud print-on-demand. Even cropping in Acrobat didn't help as the excess part that was cropped off was still in the final file, just not visible, so would still give the same error message when uploading to Magcloud. There are lots of workarounds, but workarounds aren't solutions to the inherent problem. I ended up importing the PDF (a 64 page magazine) into an InDesign document and making a new PDF from there that did work, which kind of defeated the purpose of using Publisher so I could move away from using InDesign. It seems that PDF import and export is the weakest link in an otherwise decent programme, especially for a version 1, but it is one that is going to stop professional designers from fully embracing it.
  6. The issue with imported PDFs not rendering the embedded fonts has been well documented and complained about, so I hope it's something that can be remedied. It is definitely something that will be stopping a lot of professional designers making the swap. Although, being able to edit imported PDFs is very handy, if you have the necessary fonts. The issue I have had is with exported PDFs for print on demand, and Magcloud specifically. I just finished a 60 page magazine (plus cover) that had been done in InDesign for the previous 49 issues. I manually recreated all the master pages and style sheets rather than wait for the much rumoured IDML import. Everything went fine. The magazine was completed on deadline. When it came to exporting the PDF to upload to Magcloud for printing, that's when the fun started. Magcloud requires 3mm bleed top and bottom and 6mm on the outside edge. That was easy to set up on the document. However the print PDFs for Magcloud don't require crop marks, just the specified amount of bleed, so no bleed on the inside edge, but Publisher puts 6mm of bleed on both the inside and outside edges on spreads. Bleed on the inside edge is fine with traditional litho printing where the pages are trimmed, but not for PoD. The Front and back covers, which are single pages, do not have the extra 6mm on the inside edges. I ended up taking the PDFs into Acrobat Pro and cropping off the extra bleed, and although the PDF was now the right size, Magcloud was still detecting the unwanted bleed and giving an import error. After several different attempts and confirming the document measurements I gave up and ended up importing the PDF into InDesign and making the final PDF that way, because InDesign lets you specify "Use Document Bleed Settings" and gives you exactly that. In the end I was thinking I might as well have just stuck with InDesign, and may have to continue using it until these PDF glitches can be resolved. Exporting the PDF for our digital edition went without any problems as it doesn't require bleed. I have figured out a relatively simple workaround for the export problem for the print edition, if I decide to continue using Publisher, but it will require an extra step using Acrobat, or another PDF editor for the digital edition. But a workaround isn't a solution. If Publisher is to be taken seriously by small, independent publishers, as well as freelance designers, who use print on demand as well as digital platforms for the same document, then these PDF issues need to be sorted sooner rather than later. Otherwise, the layout and creation side of the whole suite is great, but the import and export bottlenecks are choking its functionality as a pro package.

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