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  1. Thanks for info on download and product key. I downloaded latest version (which screwed things up in the first place). The setup failed. I checked my directory under Program files. There's a folder called Affinity with only a sub-folder, Photo. When I click on Photo, I get the following message: C:\Program Files\Affinity\Photo Access is denied. I can't delete these folders. I wonder if the 7.1.2 version update fails because of the two folders that may not have files that 7.1.2 needs to complete the install. If not, something is preventing the installation. How can I get the problem fixed and Affinity installed?
  2. I ran the Windows Installer checker utility. It couldn't find anything. Affinity was not listed. Should I reinstall Affinity 7.1.2 or another version? If I have to input a product key, I can't locate it.
  3. During the Affinity 1.7.2 update install on my PC running windows, I got a message that the update failed. When I tried to open Affinity Photo from my shortcut, I received this Explorer message, "The item referred to by this shortcut cannot be accessed. You may not have the appropriate permissions." When I checked the program file, all the Affinity folders and files were missing. I'm in the middle of a project and I need to access Affinity Photo. What happened and How can this problem be fixed quickly?