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    ianstudio reacted to Jeremy Bohn in Wrong layer concept for an layout application   
    Late-comer to this party, but musiberti you hit the nail on the head with your comment "As a layout artist you see your project as a whole. Not as a collection of single pages."
    The way it is now it would be a nightmare to set up larger documents. I often create a "background" layer where background colors, textures and elements can be worked on independently from the rest of the design. Then I can lock it, and work on the main content, keeping the background undisturbed. Sometimes my setups could expand to 3 or 4 layers, just to keep more complex layouts easier to manage.
    Or sometimes I have a "shell" that is needed for the proofing process with customers but needs to be turned off when printed. Turning the layer off and on is much easier to do on a document-wide layer.
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    ianstudio reacted to CLC in Wrong layer concept for an layout application   
    It's a forum where people share ideas and discuss topics, isn't it? Here you go.
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    ianstudio reacted to CLC in Wrong layer concept for an layout application   
    It seems that Serif is trying to reinvent the wheel here.
    Page montaging is old as DTP itself and to sell the product to people who work in the DTP industry for ages, you should allow them to keep their workflow.
    Speed is the key here. In Affinity products, I'm forced to click and click way more than in any other product, it's honestly quite painful.
    To me, it feels that Photo is the most developed product from the line atm, yet working with it it's still way more time consuming than using any competitors software.
    If it was me, I would rename current "Layers" studio panels to "Objects" and create new, real, user controlled and defined layer panel.
    Or would break the current layer palette in two tabs, first as it is, second one totally under users control.
    I completely agree that the global layers model is the selling point here.
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    ianstudio got a reaction from CLC in Wrong layer concept for an layout application   
    Without global layers there is no way I could switch to Publisher. And that's only one of the issues, but definitely a major one !
    Imagine laying out a magazine that way, Hello ?!! LoL

    I guess it is very hard for them to implement considering that if I understand well they want their 3 applications to be able to juggle the same files. As long as I have to use InDesign I will likely remain in the Adobe Ecosystem. For now I have only played with the Affinity Apps but not used them professionally. I'm sure they sold a lot.. but does that mean buyers are converts ? I sill see all this as potential in a bit of a pipe dream way.
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    ianstudio reacted to Bogdan in Publisher - Links Panel?   
    OK, I see,
    So then the only thing missing is to have the resource manager as a regular panel like the ones found in View-Studio. Maybe without having a preview image on the right because it occupies too much space...
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    ianstudio reacted to musiberti in Wrong layer concept for an layout application   
    I am afraid as well. But they have to change it. Otherwise Affinity becomes ridiculous with the release of the final version. Then we can give up dreaming of an Adobe alternative.
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    ianstudio got a reaction from angelhdz12 in Hard time understanding slices and export in Designer   
    I feel very much let down by this "community".. am thinking of going back to Adobe.. No answer from any Affinity people (whom I think should be doing the job..).. makes me feel like Apple forums where lost people try and help each other (when you are lucky enough that someone took the time to try) and Apple never ever reacts to any question, bug issue etc (likely to protect their ass legally and pretend no issue exists) until they release some sort of blanket statement and/or fix.. is this the society we're building, the Amazon cashier-free style of "deal with it monkeys." Sad, very sad.
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    ianstudio reacted to Hoargarth in Docking Tools-Box right side   
    Hi MEB, thaks for you answer.
    Also thank you for moving my thread to te Feature Request, I'm looking forward having the toolbox at the right side :)
    Up until then it has to float there.
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    ianstudio reacted to sijo in [Multi] Right Click - Dialog/Toolbox for Tools   
    I couldn't agree more. It's really slow to have to move the cursor up to the top bar every time you want to change the radius or hardness of brushes.
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    ianstudio reacted to Hofnaar in [Multi] Right Click - Dialog/Toolbox for Tools   
    I think it would better for the workflow to have the context toolbar as dialog boxes with the specific tool options for each tool on right mouse click, like in photoshop. Maybe also a keyboard shortcut to resize brushes, pencil etc with mousewheel :)
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    ianstudio got a reaction from Pedro Soares in Hard time understanding slices and export in Designer   
    I feel like I'm on a hill, close to the top.. and that when I get there I'll hopefully feel "fluent enough" with Affinity. I originally got both apps as soon as they came out as everything about Adobe is bloated, too many apps, most of which I have no use for, the subscription of course and just that I hate when a company has a monopoly. I have to stick to Affinity, suffer a little (I barely touched my Affinity apps until very recently, always going back to Adobe out of laziness). Thanks for the uplift.
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    ianstudio reacted to Peter Werner in Affinity file format + Image definition   
    The file formats are completely indeed identical as the underlying codebase between Designer and Photo (and the yet to-be-released Publisher) is the same, across all supported platforms (macOS, Windows, and iOS). The only restriction is that you cannot load files from newer versions in older ones.
    Currently, placed images are always embedded. Linking to external images is not yet supported. According to Serif staff, this feature is already planned and will be introduced with Affinity Publisher.
    I agree about the scale/dpi information about images, and I would also love to have a command to reset the scale/transform of a raster or pixel layer to 100% so that one layer pixel matches up one-to-one with the document's native resolution.