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  1. So far so good in Publisher but no idea how to get rid of this Baseline snapping in Designer. I opened a Publisher file in Designer could that be an issue, like a failsafe so that one cannot mess up if the file is opened in Publisher ?! I see nothing related to Baseline in Designer apart in the Snapping menu.. and even when turned off it still snaps to baseline grid. You'd think it'd be an obvious setting.. Help. Actually had to vectorize the text to beat a deadline, cannot have stuff jump all over the place. Hope there is a way to globally turn that thing off for good.
  2. 1. Use secondary monitor as primary monitor 2. Be in Full Screen 3. Play around for a bit.. In my case I can invoke a tool from the menu bar that pops down, for example the 'Align' tool.. and boom my Toolbox disappears. Not every time. It is very fickle, as are all bugs, so very difficult to pinpoint a specific sequence, at times it decides to reappear after one or a few other manipulations like selecting/deselecting objects on the design all without leaving Full Screen of course. I think the easiest way is really to play around for a couple of minutes, maybe switch to another app and return to an Affinity one etc.. it's bound to happen it seems. Also my secondary monitor is run by an eGPU. Hence why I use it as my primary monitor, much more powerful than my iMac's Graphic Card.
  3. Yes, that seems to be the issue but my secondary screen is my primary screen for practical purpose, nice wide screen (the iMac is my secondary really).
  4. Toolbox keeps on disappearing behind main window when not docked. And I hate docking it as using a wide screen and being right-handed.. like a few people... having to go all the way across the screen to the left is ridiculous (We should be able to at least dock it the right). This disappearing act happens on all three applications. I use the latest MacOS and my main screen is a secondary screen (using an iMac). To recover the toolbox I have to Hide it and re Show it, or Dock it and re undock it. Truly annoying. Happens more in fullscreen but also when not in fullscreen.
  5. The silly idea of using Master Pages as make-believe global layers is still being peddled by 'support' on here. Yeah V2 is a big let down in that sense.
  6. Yes, this is why I only use Publisher for things like posters, flyers and leaflets. If it has more than 4 pages, I'm back to InDesign. Seems that the Affinity people and a lot users I guess.. do not understand how much a flaw this is. It's a bit of a Twilight Zone situation.
  7. Oh I get it, it only shows if the pen tool is activated, NOT the selection one.. which is a bit silly IMO.
  8. Hi, was this feature removed, there is no "selection" option appearing in my context bar while my path (curve) is selected.. I have no idea iof this is a bug or a "feature" and maybe they expect us to only work with masks ? I do remember seeing a button with the text "Selection" at some point in past versions of the software.
  9. There are two main things I regret from Adobe in terms of interface.. as I imagine many of us "migrants" do: 1. Ability to save workspaces.. 2. Much more customizable side panels.. you could have 2 on each side, they could be folded etc.. allowing to really keep a lot of tools at hand and in place (not at all a fan of having my tool floating around). Am not holding my breath but these were really veeeeery practical
  10. Hello, I wish snapping to guides would work also in Preview Mode, I usually know more or less where our guides are and sometimes you want to make an adjustment while previewing but in Preview Mode the snapping is deactivated
  11. This thread cracks me up :0) Nice to see others share my frustration. I don't even understand how people cannot comprehend the need for global layers*.. then again I've only been a graphic designer for 30 years. * ESPECIALLY FOR PUBLISHER (and since they want their suite to "function as a unit" it'd have to be implemented in all 3).
  12. On my Mac my 3 Preferred Languages are set as: English US, French and Italian, and my main language is set as English US.. I still get that same issue of having only English (United Kingdom) accessible for spelling in Publisher when it comes to English. However if I change my Region (under Language & Region) from Switzerland.. to United States, then in Publisher my choice for spelling changes from English (United Kingdom) to English (without any further mention next to it..). Of course I will not keep my Region set to United States as I want my temperature, units etc to match my culture.. at the Mac System level..
  13. I was about to order one.. then I thought.. oh wait.. I use Affinity apps
  14. This should be on the very top of Affinity's' list.
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