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  1. Cranberry

    Issue with Export

    This was very useful! Especially the small trick on "Scale with object"! Thanks for the prompt responses and the timely support, much appreciated!
  2. My artboard size is 40 by 4 feet, and am having issues with exporting into any file type. I did try rasterizing the layers, it took me a while to understand that the vector brushes end up creating multiple layers. However, when I try to rasterize, the app crashes. When I try to export, it keeps creating the export for hours together with no result. Do help, what am I missing here?
  3. Cranberry

    Issue with Export

    Rasterizing and saving doesn't seem to help. However, I tried one thing now, I resized the canvas to a smaller size (1 feet by 0.1 feet) without rasterzing, and there is no crashing issue now. However, will this solve the problem of the quality in print? Do help! I use vector brush to draw the outline, created a vector layer below and used the vector brush to fill in (all in the designer persona). I understand that vector should scale unlimited, however when I try to increase the size, I am having this issue. What am I missing here
  4. Cranberry

    Issue with Export

    Thank you for the elaborate suggestion! I figured I should have not done that. When I use the vector brushes to fill in the colours, and try to scale the image, it breaks. Hence I decided to go ahead with the actual print size of canvas. Will rasterizing each element, then importing it into a file of a smaller size help in maintaining its quality? Like you said the RAM is probably too low to handle this!
  5. Cranberry

    Issue with Export

    Thank you for the quick response! I have uploaded the files on the link. Ipad specs are - iPad 6th Gen, version 12.4.1 Normally I export in PSD and PNG format. Currently am unable to export any format, and the app keeps crashing when I try to move the elements or when I try to rasterize the layers.
  6. Cranberry

    Issue with Export

    The project deadline is looming over my head, so any help would be welcome!

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