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  1. So that would mean that a use case as shown in the screenshot below is just not possible without manually indenting every line? Seems ridiculuous to me, even if Adobe drops the ball as well. On the other hand, the more complicated cases don't happen to often in reality. Would give me more confidence if stuff like that just worked, though.
  2. That seems logical, so it's better to define picture frames and have them clip the pictures instead of defining masks in the picture. I still think my issue is a bug, but one that can easily be worked around if you know about it (which unfortunately I didn't, now I now better). Thanks for taking the time!
  3. The issue is that I think setting text wrap to the group should respect the shape of the elements in the group and not revert to a rectangle. In the attached screenshot: The top image works fine, no mask The middle image works fine with a amsk The bottom image is not wrapped correctly. Text wrap was defined for the group, but not the image (with the mask). As you can see, the layer effect (drop shadow) respects the shape of the elements within the group, but the text wrap does not! I think that should be consistent, or at least I don't think it's logical that setting text wrap on a group simply results in wrapping as a rectangle. I understand that this can become complicated, but if it's solvable for the drop shadow, why not for text wrap? Edit: Even better – have a look at my second screenshot. The wrapping works as I'd expect it if I put a second element into the group. But still the circle mask is not respected. The circle mask only gets respected if I set it as a mask for the group itself (but that clips the narrow rectangle). It's just not consistent.
  4. Sounds good to me. I'm also still learning how to accomplish things in Publisher. I love it, especially in comparison to Indesign, although Publisher still has quite a few bugs and crashes frequently on me (never lost any data, though!). Keep up the good work!
  5. @thomaso Sure did. Feel free to delete the post in this thread.
  6. As requested in this thread I moved this issue to a fresh set since it seems to be a separate issue I was able to reproduce two bugs with text flow around objects – as you can see in the attached file and screenshot, the flow breaks when there is either more than one mask on the element or if the masked element is in a group (and the flow around set for the group – in that case it seems to use the bounding box of the group for the text flow. This might actually be the intended behaviour, but it doesn't feel correct to me). The workaround is relatively easy by editing the wrapping contour by hand, but that kind of defeats the purpose of automatic wrapping around objects. When editing the contour manually I saw that the contour to start with was actually a bit off, which might have something to do with the other problems. dummy.afpub
  7. Oops, sorry, I overlooked the problem. It seems that you got exactly the same problem I have. How do you get the lines to indent correctly next to the grey box? Those lines should be indented the same way as the ones with the bullets…
  8. Wow, that is exactly what I would expect. I'm restarting Publisher now to see if that helps. I'm getting more and more strange issues, so maybe something broke…
  9. Thanks for getting back so quickly. My workaround was splitting the list into to text frames and readjusting the sizes by hand. I have since had more issues with text flow around objects. It behaves very strange and unpredictable. I suspect it might have something to do with me using quite a few masks on groups and images that the text is supposed to flow around. @walt.farrell I had a go with Bullet 1 paragraph style ("Aufzählung 1" in the German version) - the result is not better (but it was easier to setup indeed!) as you can see from the attached screenshot I will try anonymizing my design file later and upload it here, so you can better see what I'm working with. For now I have to finish the layout to get it to print.
  10. Pretty much what the title says. Getting the indentation right for lists (bullet list in my case) is more difficult than it should be, but that's fine. It breaks completely when the bullet list flows around a shape, though. Is there any workaround for this? Have a look at the attached screenshot. It shows the same text frame twice. The version on the right doesn't flow around anything and so looks perfect. The one on the left is broken and there is nothing I can do to fix it, it seems. Any help? Thanks Björn