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  1. Found it and it worked well. Thanks for sharing the information. ps: the first video is not working, only the second video work.
  2. Can I know where is it located in photo? Is there a tutorial on how to use it?
  3. Hi, as per title, does Affinity Designer and Photo iPad version has perspective tool features? Thanks in advance.
  4. Is there a guide how to embed it as afphoto or afdesigner file? Should I just rename the PSD file with the extension?
  5. Hi Dwright, Any work around that could work or is there any mock up file that are supported by Affinity Photo?
  6. Hi DM1, How are you mate? Thanks for the guide, but we not quite hitting the mark yet. I’m sharing the mock up PSD file here, please download the file. So once you have downloaded the file, open it in Affinity Photo or Designer, you could see a layer named “Your design here (double click on the layer thumbnail)”. Usually with photoshop, I could just double click on that layer and put my design in it so it would appear on the mock up, but with Affinity Photo, I don’t know how to replicate this step? Does my explanation make sense? Thanks. Cardboard-Box-MockUp.zip
  7. Hi Friends, I’ve decided to try Affinity apps on the iPad, my impression is just wow, finally I can work on the iPad. Awesome job Serif! Anyway I have a mock up PSD file, no problem opening the file in Affinity Photo, but just 1 problem i’m facing, How to double click on the layer to edit the content inside like how we can do it in Photoshop Desktop? i hoped the explanation above make sense, look forward for a solution. Thanks.
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