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  1. This is getting really really bad now. Pretty much every single time I use the eraser tool, Affinity Photo freezes on save. What is the progress on fixing this? Right now I am trying to change my files over to Pixelmator so I can be productive again. It's a shame since I converted so many photoshop users over to Affinity.
  2. I am still having this bug crop up constantly, even after upgrading to AP 1.7.3 and OS X Catalina. I've further narrowed it down to zooming in past 100% and using the erase tool.
  3. Just another update as I try to narrow down the issue. I opened the document not from the recent menu AND rasterized the embedded layers and the issue still remains. The only thing that so far remains consistent is saving after using the Erase Brush Tool. Hope this helps.
  4. When it freezes it does not write the file to disk for me either. I do have 2 embedded logo layers that are stored on the same internal drive as the file I am working on. I recently have been getting a message pop up when opening AP that says "Linked Resource Changed" but this has just only cropped up and was not originally there when this bug started happening. But perhaps it could be related. I should note that the linked file has not been edited in over a year. I am also finding this bug happens frequently after using the selection brush tool followed by the eraser tool. This could be just a coincidence though as it is the last process in a set of routine processes I do on select files daily.
  5. I was able to capture the issue with a screen recording. Right now the trend I am starting to see is that it happens more frequently perhaps when opening a file from the frequent files accessed by right-clicking the Affinity Photo icon on the doc and selecting the file from the list there. Perhaps that's a path to test by you guys to see if it can be replicated that way. Affinity_Photo_Bug.mov
  6. I am having this same exact issue on 1.7.2.... saving randomly but frequent enough to give me worry every time I hit the save button. The amount of time I have to repeat work is getting exhausting and makes me fret even opening AP now. Like the previous poster, timing a video capture would be hard, and not quite helpful honestly. All I do is hit the keyboard shortcut to save and then the never-ending "save document" window at the top appears. PLEASE FIX
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