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  1. +1 For Affinity Animator
  2. AP I'm having a very hard time disabling the pink boundary lines around the layers (even the ones that are not selected). It has made it impossible for me to work. I never saw them before, can someone help getting rid of them? Please check attachment for screenshot.
  3. Congrats to the entire team. I was hoping for this to happen. My trial expired a week ago and I was thinking about buying full version on 9th (randomly thought). To my surprise I got the extra 20% discount because of the Design Award. I couldn't be more happy for myself and the Serif Team. Thank you :)
  4. I'm also looking for the same feature. I'm very new to the Affinity designer & digital designing in general. (Affinity is the reason I started creating art again). I found an amazing artwork on dribbble and Instantly wanted to load that pallete and start creating but I couldn't. Dribbble lets you download the pallete only in .aco and I'm sure so many designers would want that too.