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  1. Amazing! Thanks so much. The opacity setting solved it. Learned something again. 🙂
  2. Hello everyone, I have a similar issue with the attached file. I am designing a logo for a logo contest in different versions and for an easier overview of the versions in a .pdf I inserted them as .eps (all created from the same .afdesign file) into an affinity publisher document. For some reason, the green eliptical curve behind the letter is the only item that ends up pixelated in the .pdf. Even more confusing is that I have a version of the exact same items in black and white and there the eliptical item is fine, no pixels. This isn't in the file, that I dressed down to just the basics for this forum. I also inserted a screenshot of the pixelated .eps in Publisher. Help please! 🥴 Pixel issue with green elipse in eps in Publisher_affinityforums.afdesign
  3. Oh, wow. Classic fail on my part. 🤣 Just laughed thuroughly at myself. See, those options are scrollable on my computer and didn't notice the scroll bar. THANKS. Hilarious ...
  4. So, just to kind of get back to the original query: I am using Publisher And I can easily create a Hyperlink, insert an URL. Easy. But when I open the exported PDF the link isn't clickable, though highlighted as usual. What am I missing? I couldn't find any settings in the export process relating to hyperlinks and the hyperlink menu within Publisher doesn't offer any additional settings. What am I missing? Thanks in advance.
  5. GOT IT! And just in case someone else is as slow as I was in getting this right: What this image doesn't show is, as explained in the quote ⬆⬆⬆⬆ , you apply the Master Page to your desired page and with that "final" page activated, you go into the Layers Panel and right click on the Master layer as shown in the image here.
  6. Unfortunately, I can't find that "Edit Detached" option anywhere. The screenshot is what I understood I was supposed to do from your instruction. I tried finding "Edit Detached" elsewhere. No luck. But also, I do not want to change the settings of the actual master page. I want to make individual changes on the individual pages that a master was applied to. So, i.e. I want to insert images into the place holders and then maybe move them around a bit, change size according to the differeing images I was given for the individual pages. The master pages are supposed to stay as is. This is how I was used to working in Adobe and it seems it should be possible somehow in Affinity, as well. 🤷‍♀️
  7. Will this also help me? I am making a yearbook for my kid's class. I set up several Masters that I then apply to the kids' individual pages. I do want to make occasional changes to the Masters' presets on the pages. How do I detach single items and all items on the individual pages? kindly D.
  8. My wacom doesn't have the option to deactivate windows ink. Likely because the last and final driver update was in 2015. But I have been told by customer support that my model of tablet is a common one among affinity users and often works fine. It works fine in Publisher and so far only gives me trouble in Designer ... for whatever reason.
  9. I saw another video about that from a guy who uses Adobe and he said that if you disable in the wacom settings like that, you lose the pen pressure sensitivity of your stylus. He then went on to explain how to manipulate Photoshop to help solve this, but since this is not an Adobe software, I didn't look into his explanation but went with the one I posted above. This is the video of the guy saying simply disabling in the wacom setting causes other problems: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nL10xGIA_s
  10. Unfortunately no. I used this as a manual to disable Windows Ink: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBKZbMIkb0M
  11. That sounds confusing, but I will just switch to changing applications via mouse click on the taskbar then. I forgot to mention another issue with the stylus, too: the hand tool (h or spacebar) doesn't work either with the stylus.This is also an issue I only have in Designer. Thanks for the quick response. I love Affinity and am looking forward to discovering what developments are coming up in the future!
  12. I also have issues with my Wacom Bamboo CTH-470. According to customer Service, lots of Affinity users have that tablet and it is supposed to work fine. My issues are that a lot of the time, the freehand drawing doesn't work. All it does is create a straight line between the starting and end point of drawing. But sometimes it works for a short moment. This happens when I use stylus and tablet. Whenever I use the mouse, freehand always works fine parallel to the stylus + tablet not working in Affinity Designer. I have been using this tablet for years in the Adobe programs and never once had any issue with it. It works fine in all other software. The driver software, which got its final update in 2015 is updated. This seems to be an issue mostly in Designer. While the freehand drawing malfunctions there, it works fine in Publisher. Another issue I have in Designer is with brushes changing to a completely different brush when I use the keyboard shortcut to change size. I can only adjust brush size in the brushes' advanced settings. So, from where I'm sitting, it looks like Affinity still has a few significant bugs that don't exist in other software. But, I do have to say that despite that it is absolutely a fantastic alternative to the outrageously priced Adobe equivalents. I do so wish they would add the function for vectorizing pixel images, though. I know about the vectorizing alternatives, but it's a drawback in terms of workflow.
  13. Your current profile image looks as though a good amount of vectorising went into the making of it. What program did you use?
  14. Oh wow. I have been trying out all sorts of functions and completely forgot that I had done that. Thanks!!!
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