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  1. Everything was going along just fine, uploading a series of vectors mixed with pixel-based images, until one changed color, but only once uploaded on the website. What could be the reason for this? The other images, that are constructed in the same way did not show a different color. The first screenshot is how it looks in Affinity, the second how it looks online, while the other images haven't changed color.. the third is just up close.
  2. Sure this has been asked before, but here it goes... when a client requests an AI-file, which would be the best format to choose for export from Affinity? I own Photo and Publisher, but not Designer. Kind regards, Tosca
  3. Omg yes! Thank you! I knew it just had to be something ridiculously simple. Thanks for your reply, I'm saved.
  4. I'm confused about a function I accidentally activated and do not know how to switch back. My brush tool doesn't provide its usual strokes. Whenever I make a stroke the cursor shows itself as a plus sign, a red line and a blue circle. Something unfamiliar to me and it puzzles me. Would someone please tell me what this function is supposed to do? And how do I get back my regular brush? Many thanks!
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