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  1. melagali

    Colors are wrong in Affinity Designer

    Thanks Chris, but I just checked the color profiles for each and they are the same. Anyway now there is another weird problem so I'll open up a new topic.
  2. melagali

    Colors are wrong in Affinity Designer

    Well I had closed Designer and now reopened it and open that previous image which was saved as .afdesign and I tried again to get the right colors but still getting the brighter ones. Then I decided to try starting over that image, so opened a new document and redid the image with no problems at all with the colors. I saved it as .afdesign and opened it again and the colors were still perfect. And when I exported it, everything was fine too. So I guess the problem is gone! very weird.
  3. melagali

    Colors are wrong in Affinity Designer

    Thanks for your reply, but no in Designer I am the same set up as the photo. See attached. So weird because I know it was ok before a month or so ago.
  4. Hi there, I have the Affinity Designer 1.4 and I tried to add a color that I copied from my site using the hex and the rgb and it comes out really wrong. And now I just tried it in Affinity Photo 1.4 and it works perfectly. I also tried it with another color and same thing happens. I have attached screenshots for both. The green I want is the one showing in affinity photo. Am I missing something in the settings? Thanks for your help.
  5. Ok TonyB, I just sent the 2 fonts to support. Hope it helps. Thanks
  6. Hi, just wanted to share one problem I had. I bought Affinity and yesterday when scrolling through the fonts for a text, it kept crashing . So I reopened it, went slowly through the fonts and it crashed again. Reopened it, went slowly again through the fonts to see where it was crashing, well I found that it did it when I was getting to "fonts starting with O". So I went into my font folder and deactivated these 2 fonts: Odstemplik and OldStandard TT. And now it works ok when I scroll through the fonts. Any idea why these fonts? I'm going to play with Affinity more this weekend and hopefully everything will go ok. Thanks