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  1. Hi fellow users I'm still on 1.7.2 Should I install 1.7.3 first before installing 1.8.1? Thanks.
  2. Hi Chris The problem is real. I now put Swatches on top of History panel. It now opens buggy (big) but will obey my manual resizing, within stubborn size range. Bearable bug. Navigator panel remembers my manual resizing, but only within a stubborn size range. Bearable bug. Super buggy Character panel sits with Layers, Effects and Text Styles. Still refuses to obey manual resizing. Workaround: I forced Character panel to not size-jump by doing this 1. Un-collapse Character subpanels: Descriptions, Language, Optical Alignment 2. Resizing its 3 sibling panels (Layers etc) to more or less the same size as Character So now, when I switch from Layers to Character, their size is almost the same.[SEE ATTACHED PIC] ---------------- Problem is the expanded state of subpanels doesn't save with the Template file. So I have to manually do step [1] every time I start afresh. I hope someone else with size jump/ panel snapping bug can chime in.
  3. My sys = Win10 Pro 64bit i7 32Gram GTX1080 Alienware15R3 --- This behavior existed since 1.7.0 (the version I started with). Still exists in 1.7.2. latest. Character Panel shows INCONSISTENT auto-alignment issue RELATIVE to two other panels: Swatches and Navigator. It jumps to extreme screen position relative to sibling panels, esp when (Language/Optical) sub-panels are collapsed. Character Panel does not have this issue with other panels: Color, Styles, Transform etc. I attempted workarounds, like "anchoring" Swatches and Navigator with other similar size panels, but they continue to act up when I switch from Layers to Character Panel. I use Character panel a lot so I'd like to keep it on the right side of my screen, and this is a very disorienting and frustrating bug. See attached pic for the position jump.
  4. Just updated. Loving the fuss-free no-drama click exe file to install update process. No restart needed, just launched my AP and check the Help and voila it is 1.7.2! 2 updates so far since I signed on 1.7.0! Happy customer! Keep up the good works Serif!
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