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  1. Tony909

    HDR Merge taking an age

    Hi Chris I have uploaded 3 bracketed files via Dropbox shared link. Just for reference I am using an IPad Pro 12.9”, 3rd Generation using software version 12.4.1
  2. Tony909

    Panorama Stitching Issue

    Have also add this issue and HDR merging too! I have posted this but still no response from Affinity. Apparently previous versions worked fine, but not 1.7! Disappointing as I bought Affinity for this purpose when on trips to avoid lugging a laptop around with me. Have emailed my questions separately but no response yet!
  3. Tony909

    HDR Merge taking an age

    Good to know that previous versions were ok. I bought Affinity to try and move away from the MacBook to an IPad Pro whilst on trips, but in the current format this is a non-starter. Hopefully we will get some positive response, or at least an acknowledgment of the problem!
  4. Bought the Affinity Photo to use on IPad Pro to do HDR merge and Panorama merging. Using RAW files from the Sony A7R3. HDR Merge does alignment ok, but then takes for ever 30 mins plus to do the HDR merge. The Panorama gave up! Am I doing something wrong or is the app not capable? Thanks