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  1. Hi, Yes i can export and empty canvas with no problem. Even a a picture with one or 2 adjustments, but when i work with layers and i try to export doesnt react, just the CPU go to 100% for long time with no action.
  2. I work with a folder on my desk where the photos are stored in .NEF (I have a Nikon d5300) and try to export them to the same folder in jpeg format. previously worked without problem. 6016x 4016px, 24.16MP, RGBA/ 16,. In my previously processed photos, the affinity file size is around 250 to 290 MB, and once exported in JPEG, about 35MB.
  3. hello again!!! I still trying, and i cant understand why doesn't work anymore. Anyway I'm gonna share the details of my laptop: Windows 10 (home) Intel(R) Core (TM) i7-8550 CPU @ 1.80 GHz 1.99 GHz (8th Gen) 8.00 GB RAM 64 bit operating system. Thanks again.
  4. Initially say that I am a beginner in photo editing. Affinity is my first edition software. I acquired affinity about a year ago. I am happy with the program. With the latest update, I can't export to jpeg. (Only after some adjustment to the photography.) When I try to export, The CPU reaches 100%, and affinity does not respond stays frozen with the export bar for minutes. It didn't happen to me before. I did various tests, including uninstalling and installing. Also look in my files for photos previously edited and exported to jpg. And select the Affinity file to test if I could export it, since I already did it months ago. But this time it doesn't work. It only happens to me since the last update.

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