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  1. It doesn't exist in A.P, it should (IMHO). Though as carl123 said, there's a Snapshot feature.
  2. Note the use of the word: "Old". Image>Duplicate is the best way to get an immediate working copy IMHO. Why do: Save-As, then open it next to the original? Again, that's a slow way to do it, especially if your rig (PC in my case) is slow and decrepit (10yrs old at the time of typing this).
  3. Hi folks, I did a search for this and couldn't find anything directly related, so,.. I hope it's not been covered though, I'm sorry if it has. I'm almost at the end of my trial on A.P and was wondering why there's no (apparent) direct way to duplicate what it is you're working on - by that I mean a straight forward: Image>Duplicate so you can quickly have 2 copies of what it is you want, side by side (tabs). I know it's possible to select, copy then create 'New From Clipboard', but that's somewhat slow and inefficient, no? In Photoshop IIRC, it's possible to create an exact and ready-to-use copy of what it is you wanted to copy, but this seems not possible in A.P. Can this be implemented in a future update?

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