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  1. I'm on Windows 7 x64, with 12Gb or RAM, with the latest version of Affinity 1.7.3 (I think it is, it's the latest version anyway at the time of typing this). Tonight I discovered why my AP was repeatedly seizing up. I opened the task manager and looked in 'Processes' to see AP at the top just MUNCHING through my RAM like it was cornflakes; the sad part? Oh, that was I had only one piece of work open (granted, a multi-layered HDR Bell racing helmet design I was working on). It'd start off at launch at about 1.8Gb,.. then within about a minute of opening the file it was up to 2.4Gb,.. then 2mins later 2.8Gb etc,. slowly but oh so surely climbing despite my only having one piece of work open. Just before it crashed last night it was hovering at about 11Gb (I kid you not, my PC had properly stalled, no audio, no sound, no changing focus to anything else (yes, even windows explorer, Task manager took ages to come up)).What's crazy was that I had the RAM-use settings in the Performance area of the AP settings, set to max 9Gb. It's crashed twice tonight too. This has happened about 4-5 times in 2 days, kinda annoying, I can live with it, to a limit - but one thing I won't do is compromise on image quality - I'm trying to get my designs noticed by the right people, so image quality (and presentation) really matter to me and my 1st gen i7 (from 2010 inc' my 2015 GTX970) is no slouch for basic image editing, though, it's not much of a match for the newer i7s. Anyway, if it's not a memory leak then I have no idea what it could have been tbh. Just curious, but, is there a fix (as opposed to a work-around)?
  2. So I was browsing my hard-drive last week and came across some old race helmets designs I'd created way back in 2012. The 1st design below won a monthly award on racedepartment.com, the 3rd won praise from Rage Designs last week, SOOO, I decided to make some more. The first new designs I created this week (after some test/practice creations) were the The Colombians. I like the colours here but the finish isn't quite right. A few days later I cracked on and made The Spaniard design. Nice colours but the design doesn't QUITE work, (I don't think so anyway), but over-all I really like it nonetheless. 💪 Then yesterday/today I created an alternative design based on Robert Kubica's helmets. Tonight, I just finished this Italian inspired design. Not for any one racer per se but just as a general theme. *Below. I'll be creating more designs over the next few weeks. Be sure to follow me on Twitter if you like what you see and remember to tell anyone you know who's into motorsport (2 wheels or 4,. or 3 even!). 😎 I'd be happy to hear from anyone who might also want a custom design for a lid. Message me! Thanks Affinity Photo! Great software! Hands down a better value investment than the other well known image editor!
  3. It doesn't exist in A.P, it should (IMHO). Though as carl123 said, there's a Snapshot feature.
  4. Note the use of the word: "Old". Image>Duplicate is the best way to get an immediate working copy IMHO. Why do: Save-As, then open it next to the original? Again, that's a slow way to do it, especially if your rig (PC in my case) is slow and decrepit (10yrs old at the time of typing this).
  5. Hi folks, I did a search for this and couldn't find anything directly related, so,.. I hope it's not been covered though, I'm sorry if it has. I'm almost at the end of my trial on A.P and was wondering why there's no (apparent) direct way to duplicate what it is you're working on - by that I mean a straight forward: Image>Duplicate so you can quickly have 2 copies of what it is you want, side by side (tabs). I know it's possible to select, copy then create 'New From Clipboard', but that's somewhat slow and inefficient, no? In Photoshop IIRC, it's possible to create an exact and ready-to-use copy of what it is you wanted to copy, but this seems not possible in A.P. Can this be implemented in a future update?
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