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  1. And has this ever been fulfilled? Same story here. Over a thousand layers, all named. Need to quickly find the necessary ones.
  2. I’m adding two objects to one another. The objects have white holes inside. As soon as I add them, the whites are no longer there. Why? And is there a way to avoid it?
  3. Thank you for the reply, Thomaso. Space horisontally can be an option, when the sections to stretch are the same. But now I understand, that I should’ve uploaded a more complicated example, with different sections to stretch. Here is another example. Again, blue sections is what has to be stretched proportionally. Yellow sections are the sections of objects. And the orange sections shall stay unstretched. It’s like as if the blue sections were glued with their ends to the neighbouring sections: And returning to Space horizontally option, in this case the notes are objects, I have the button “space horizontally”, but I couldn’t find the Alignment panel.
  4. How do I stretch the (blue) sections between the objects (noteheads) proportionally, at the same time keeping the the barline+“barline-to-notehead-distance”+note (section coloured with orange) kinda locked together, with nothing changing between/among them? Basically, I want to stretch what is between the left and right guides in a way that all the objects remain unchanged, but only blue sections stretch proportionally. In constraints I turn off objects’ responses to stretching. This is done. But what is the way after?

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