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  1. Hi guys can you please help? I'm new to Affinity, after I design a logo or a vector image. When I try to make it smaller or bigger it completely broke and become very bad. Even after I save it to my computer and place to Affinity again. it completely bad pixel wise. Do you guys please what do to and after I I finish to export my work how can the become normal?
  2. HI guys, I created a pattern in affinity and I use symbols to do it. I see there is a little white square line on it. Do you know how to remove the square line please . 2- Also after exporting my pattern I see that it came out blurry do you please guys know why?
  3. socialconnection

    Pattern problem

    Hi Dan C, thank you so much for your support. You are a pro. I have few questions to ask please. 1- So normally to make a minimalist logo is to make it big and change the size of the logo to the size that they ask me in the export option right? 2-
  4. Hi thanks a lot here it is the Pattern File. Pattern Sample (Important) 2.afdesign
  5. Thank you so much guys. Telemax Listen, I have a question for you . What Should be 128x 128px the Emoji or the Artboard. Also for example if I want to design minimalist Logo or logo what? Do you please know the size the logo and the Artboard should be. For example there is something that I do not understand how can I make a minimalist logo so the pixel of the logo could be good. Sorry guys for a lot of question non sense questions. I'm new in Affinity I just started to learn graphic design. thanks
  6. socialconnection

    Pattern problem

    Hi Dan C, thank you so much for your support. 1- You said I export Small raster image, But I wanted to export Vector image. How can I export vector image? How can I know is raster or vector image when I export it? 2- Do you please know how can I export the dimensions of your export to 3-4 times larger than current one? Thank you.
  7. HI Telemax, thank you so much for your support and your answers. Can I please ask you for few questions please? 1- For the Zoom, What is the percentage to have in the zoom to make sure that my design will be great when I export it? 2- To view my design after I open it is the windows photo program. Do you please know a program or software to view my design quality after I export them please? 3- When I Check the Pixel view mode, and if the image is breaking or bad before I export it. What should I do please? 4 For example for this imoji that I created, Do you please know how can I fix the pixel when I export it to be great? 5- What can I please do to export this emoji in a high quality? Imoji 1.afdesign
  8. Also Look someone send me a Pattern and after I export it i came out not blurry here in the first file. 2- I wanted to modify the pattern and I add new Shape so I add a Screscent shape on there and after I export it I see it that the shape that I add came out blurry. I think something is wrong in my design flow. PINWHEEL TEMPLATE 03.afdesign PINWHEEL TEMPLATE 03 MODIFICATION.afdesign
  9. This is the pattern file Pattern Sample (Important) 2.afdesign
  10. HI Thank you so much for your nice answer. 1- What I want to is to sell gigs on Fiverr and more. So I need to design logo, minimalis logo, and illustration to sell. 2- I like Affinity and I like to design, But i do not really no how export them well. 3- When users order they ask me for Victor logo and raster image. 4- They order logo for social media and for websites too. 5- I send an screenshot where my Pattern is not blurry but when I export it, it came out blurry. 6- My dream right now is to be able to save mydesing to high resolution after I finish to design them so that you can open them in anywhere so that they not blurry. Thank you so much for your help.
  11. socialconnection

    Pattern problem

    Hi thanks for your answers. I know about pixel. My question is when expert my design I would like to know how to make it not blurry . I just need the techniques.
  12. Oh now, now I understand thanks, here it is Affinity File. Can someone please check it out export it and let me how it is please to see if I did something wrong. Social Media Icons.afdesign
  13. Hi guys, Could you please help? Look every time I design something in Affinity after I export it, it is blurry. Do you please know why it came out blurry? For example I design a pattern and I export it as PNG, JPEG, it came out very blurry. Is this normal? or how can I keep the vector quality not blurry? Is there a way to fix that please because when see vector design, they are very clean and not blurry. Is this cause of the sizes? The document is 8 x 8 inches?
  14. Yes this is the file I made. This is a facebook Icon I made. When I open it it came out breaking in the corner. This is the type of the logo I was taking about. what were you talking about?
  15. HI guys thanks a lot for your answer. very nice from you. I really understand what you said, but How can I maybe make a logo very small for a website . because when I design them after I give it to people when they shrink it it becomes blurry. So what is the methods to build a small logo and a big size logo with no shrink quality problem please?
  16. Oh okay thanks for telling me. I just need to copy and pass. Now I understand. Now LOOk when I copy the design and make it smaller. You can see in the file 2 BEt it looses it quality. it is not the same as the original. Do you please know why . because after design, I would like to scale the image to make it smaller or bigger without loosing the quality?
  17. HI guys thanks a lot. Look no matter what I save my file from but when I place in any document in Affinity it loose it quality? Do you please after I design something how can I export it so that it can be use any where with no problem and smooth as I expected from the original please? Because after I design something and look good in the original but after I export it, it came out bad. pixel and more.
  18. HI thanks from you should I send you the file or is there a way for you please check the problem for me? Sending the file.
  19. Hi thanks a lot for your answer. Appreciate it. Another big things can you please help? 1- After I Click scale with object, Now the Stroke is not giving problem. but When I save the vector image and I place the image to a new document in Affinity to do something else with it look it lose it quality like in the image here do you please know hwy?
  20. Hi Guys, Does anyone know how to show my image brushes . Cause I do not get them there by default on Affinity? Is there a way to get them or ? Thanks
  21. Hi Guys, Does anyone know how to show my image brushes . Cause I do not see it there by default on Affinity?
  22. socialconnection

    Vector Assets: Camouflage

    HI I love your Vector Assets but HOw can I please install them cause I'm new to Affinity? How can I use them please? Cause the files are not supported. I'm using the last version of Affinity? Thanks
  23. HI Guys, Do you guys know where can I download some brushes for Affinity Designer for free please?
  24. socialconnection

    Free Brushes

    HI, DO you have some brushes like that for Affinity Designer because I can't import to Affinity? Thanks

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