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  1. $120 for life, or $635 for the entire suite per year for life is pretty expensive; especially considering it's usually just one of many many monthly subscription services people 'need'. It all adds up to very expensive if a person isn't careful. However, if an individual simply doesn't care and just wants all the best software and options, then by all means drop as much money as needed to have all the goods.
  2. I've been doing some work in DaVinci Resolve lately and have found this one little feature to be an awesome way to quickly check white balances, check for color bias or just quickly see what a color value is. Would love to see this feature in AP. DaVinci only shows RGB, but I imagine it would be (mostly) trivial to show the color information in either RGB, HSL or CMYK depending on the document color space. No mouse button hold is required, just enable the feature and move the mouse! In AP I would love to see the feature enabled by default, but I know that preference wouldn't hold true across the spectrum of users. 2020-1010_220643_Anonymous.mp4
  3. Never heard of that software before - thanks for the tip; looks like it would work fine for paint or designer. Very nice gradient ability! I find the gradient tool in AP to be very limited, this would make it a pure joy to work with
  4. You beat me to this; I was going to post this issue a day ago but ran out of time and didn't get to it - thanks for posting this. I can confirm this is an issue on my system as well; same OS and Affinity version. Win10 & AF
  5. I think I finally figured out what was happening. While painting the mask, on one of my many tool changes from brush to zoom, or hand tool, I would inadvertently change from the actual brush to the color replacement tool or the pixel too. I just wasn't seeing the change in icon or mouse cursor (not sure there is a difference in cursor). Please forgive my ignorance.
  6. Hi All, Sorry, I'm not 100% sure how to properly word this, as I've not nailed down exactly what causes this to occur, but I've had a persistent albeit random issue trying to paint masks. Eventually, after doing a fair mount of painting/switching back and forth between black/white using the keyboard shortcut something happens and AP gets 'stuck'. Once the issue starts, white and black do the same thing and resetting the colors does not fix the issue. If they are stuck in 'hide mode' both colors hide and vice versa. I can save and restart, but the issue persists. However, sometimes, if I manually set the color to white/black the problem goes away, but that is not a guaranteed fix. I did just find that if I set both colors to nothing (red line though the circle) then manually change the slider for each color, one to white and one to black, it seemed to fix the issue. I'm fairly sure I've done that before and it did not fix the issue, but it's late and my memory is slipping. Hopefully someone else can replicate the issue, or tell me why it's happening, and how to never let it happen again System: Window 10 Pro: Version 2004, Build 19041.508 Affinity Photo:
  7. @GabrielM - thanks for passing it on! If you need the original file to mess with I can post it for the devs.
  8. Hello All, I've noticed a strange issue with photo. When I try to export a selected object, or an object and it's group, using (File > Export) the correct image size of the selected object is shown, however, when I choose "Selection without background" the dimensions change to the original uncropped size of the image (1250x1250). Note: using the export persona on the image also results in an improper export size. The slice is 1250x1250 instead of 900x1200 as it should be. It appears the cause of the issue relates to the adjustment layer that was created before the file was cropped. If I delete the adjustment layer, the selected object exports at the correct size. Additionally, if I create a new file using the dimensions of the cropped file (900x1200), then paste in the image and re-create the adjustment layer, the image will export at the correct size. If I delete the original adjustment layer and re-create it the file exports at the correct size also, but unfortunately I didn't find that out until testing the issue to report it. tophat_01-02_101.afphoto
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