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  1. This thinking stems from one of my format conversion needs. Affinity photo's batch job supports webp conversion format, which is not supported by many software. Although I have almost never used PS, since I started using the Affinity suite, I asked my friends that PS does not seem to be able to open webp format images and requires additional plugins. Therefore, I do not understand why some software cannot support the vast majority, at least it is still seen on the Internet, and there is no completely eliminated format. Keep it that way, open and compatible.
  2. There is such a story: The road most people walk in the park is often stepped out, because the road planned by the government is often not the road we really want to take. I always disagree with restricting the user's operating habits. Just like we can drag and drop pictures to Affinity Photo & Designer, the ability for users to drag and drop pictures should be global
  3. All I can do is click on add picture and pick the picture from the pop-up system file manager. Why is this limiting my choice? I can't drag and drop or copy
  4. I use batch processing to convert image formats. Since I have other file managers, I prefer to drag my selected images from the file manager I use (like Total Commander or Adobe Bridge). However, in adding pictures in a batch process, I cannot drag and drop files. I can only use the add picture button and then select the file I want to process in the system explorer. This is too much trouble! It is recommended to let go of this obstacle and allow users to drag and drop pictures instead of letting users only select pictures with win10 file manager. This is too rigid, just like Adobe ’s rigid
  5. Can I cancel my authorization? I mean, because of some specific situations, I need to use a public computer for a while, then my work needs a super easy to use affinity photo. However, I am worried that the number of authorizations will be reduced after the computer is bound (maximum of 5). So I would like to ask if there is a reasonable solution for the user's temporary public computer. The reason behind it is actually a flaw. I forgot to bring my laptop power home. There is only a laptop in my hand and no power.
  6. Sorry, I just liked this product so much that I made things beyond the routine.
  7. I want to know how much Affintiy's software relies on the graphics card to make sure I should buy this laptop without a discrete graphics card.
  8. I know the answer, but I want to confirm the current Affinity roadmap. Does Affinity have a development plan for the next software? I know that video clips are not available for a while, such as motion design, will these areas be considered for development on a designer basis? Still re-doing a piece of software
  9. I want to stamp a layer like PS (merge multiple layers into one layer and at the top of the layer, the original layer does not change), but I don't know what to do. 我想盖印图层
  10. When I first started teaching myself, I was always addicted to the choice of tools. I spent a lot of time looking for tools and comparison tools, reading a lot of pages about tool descriptions, but one day I found out that I was upside down, it was like a bubble. I take unimportant things as important things. Design, what matters is ideas and ideas, it depends on your head and eyes (aesthetic). Tools are just the path to your ideas, the tools are similar, but the ideas are unique. Think of the tool as the only design, which is really ridiculous to me at the time.
  11. Eddie Lobanovskiy presents an interesting metaphor for design tools. But I am not sure what the third software is. So, in your mind, what kind of car is the Affinity family? Can also be used as other metaphors, not necessarily a car, just have other design software for comparison
  12. To me: Stick to the shortcut keys. It was very painful at the beginning. Every step had a look at the shortcut key directory and then only used the shortcut point to go to the point without using the mouse, but after the painful period, it gradually got better. The layer organization should be clear. Organize timely, modular, reusable graphics. Organize graphics, name layers. Clear and organized layers are important for increasingly complex designs. Computer file management suggests simplifying the tree diagram. Every file is named, not with meaningless numbers or letters, unless you don't open it or waste time opening files one by one to see what it is. Don't use your computer from the beginning. Clearly write the process and ideas on paper or in your mind. After everything is in order, use the computer to achieve
  13. 1. How to make the three graphics spacing on the horizontal line the same? 2. make a windmill, draw a blade, how to make the blade rotate around a point and copy itself 3. Which shortcut key can be used to repeat the previous step, just like Photoshop's F4, can you repeat the previous step? (I am not familiar with this) 4. How to customize the default font. I want to change the default font of the text input tool to another font I use. 5. sometimes, the distance between the graphics and graphics will not be automatically displayed (for example, if the distance between the two graphics is equal, there will be a prompt line, but sometimes there will be no such prompts, I am not sure about such a situation, knowing and comparing blurry)
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