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  1. Should have explained myself better. I wanted to get rid of the spaces, Thought it was tabs but, I was wrong it was just spaces. got that sorted now thanks.
  2. I'm trying to use find and replace to get rid of five little squares in Charles Dickens a Christmas carol. this is just a learning exerciser for me. Looks like tabs but, tabs not working for me (maybe I'm doing something wrong). Any help would be appreciated. I'd rather format through text styles.
  3. Just as an addition I've come across an excellent video by Elaine Giles on tables it's over two hours long but she gives some great tips pinning graphics so they stay with tables when moving tales. To find the pining section it starts at 1:16:39. Also the orange dots these are now a font (wingdings letter L) I hope this info helps you guy's out. Pet Table.afpub
  4. Can anyone ID this font? It's from the web site offguardian. I have written to them to ask but not had a reply. Any of you guy's got any ideas what it's called.
  5. Like I said it's learning exercise I've a lot to learn on this. There seems to be more than one way to achieve this. I wish Affinity would do a video tutorial on how to lace objects into a table (I mean the orange headers and dots. It would be useful). Come to think of it Affinity could make multiple videos on the responses in this thread (wishful thinking I know). It would be good for there library on Publisher videos on You|Tube.
  6. Thanks for the tips they will come in handy.
  7. I didn't even know you could do that. Let alone doing it.
  8. @h_d it could be that the original brochure that I'm copying was not in a table. It just looks like a table. Who knows! It's been an interesting learning project from my point of view.
  9. I had a go and came up with this but, still needs a bit of work. yours is better than mine. Still trying to figure what you did for the orange header with rounded corners. I used a rectangle with one rounded corner and put it in the table. pet.afpub
  10. As a learning aid I'm using a Pets at Home vaccination brochure in Publisher. Could any of you guy's guide me in formatting a table. I seem to be a bit lost when it comes to using tables in Publisher. I've included the file and some images of what I want to accomplish. What I want to know is: How do I put in the orange header with the rounded corners in the top of the table? Is it an object or is there another way? Also the coloured separators in the table. White at the top orange for the rest on the left hand side. Tall order I know but any help would be appreciated.
  11. Recently asked for advice on creating a calendar it's now finished and printed. Just thought I'd share the file for other to use and modify. Left some pics in as a reference. Rough_Calendar.pdf Calendar.afpub
  12. I'm creating a calendar using images from a mobile phone. These are not 300dpi. I've set up my document at 300dpi CMYK. Does it matter that theses images are not 300dpi when it comes to printing? I know you're suppose to use 300dpi images to start with but all the photos of my grand daughter are taken on mobiles. The calendar is meant for family only. Rough_Calendar.afpub
  13. Implemented those suggestions. Very helpful cheers. Did this menu about 12 months ago. After watching the video thought I'd see if I could tidy it up a bit. With your help I have. Thanks Dai
  14. Tab key. Thanks for that it's working fine now. I've been racking my brain over this, Now I feel like a right arse hole. Thanks for the help.
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