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  1. First off, I love the clean shapes here! It reminds me a little of the Steam logo (in a good way) and the light grey shape fills the circle well so that it works at smaller scales. However, the thin highlight on the circle and shape will be lost even if this image is scaled down to the size of a forum avatar (for example). I love the diagonal shadow but i think the contrast of it could be increased so that it's darker and shows up more, otherwise I think this is a solid piece of work! :6_smile:

  2. Hey folks, quick question as I'm starting to become more active and don't want to spam:

    Is it better for me to post individual pieces of work as separate threads in the forum, or is it better to make one single thread where you can find all of my work and keep adding to it? I've seen a few people do this but wasn't sure if there are any rules regarding how often you can post things.

    Many thanks!

  3. beforeafter.thumb.png.0ce50f1868cada92c272eced204519e7.png

    Had a fun little play around manipulating fire! I think I need to spend a little more time refining the masking especially on the fingers but otherwise it was pretty easy to do!

    I used Live Filter > Sharpen > Clarity to get some grungy face texture going on, a few adjustment layers for lighting and then I masked in some flame images from a resource pack I bought earlier in the year :6_smile:


    Who else enjoys taking derpy selfies to manipulate?

  4. Hey folks, I was learning about gradient maps in this thread earlier and I was disappointed to see that in Affinity Photo 1.7.2 there's no ability to use existing gradient map swatches in a new gradient map adjustment layer (I believe currently I would have to go and add them all manually again and save them as adjustment presets).

    This is a feature that I use very frequently and I'd love to be able to select things from my saved swatches (especially if I can drag it in)!


    Many thanks!


  5. Update, found a method and thought I'd make a quick tutorial to share with others, you can find it in the forum thread here or in the quote below:

    Just now, melior64 said:

    I recently saw this post by @ivanozzo sharing a great resource for gradients and colour ramps, but I couldn't figure out how to easily use the eyedropper tool with the gradient in order to copy them into Affinity Photo.

    After a long time playing around, eventually I sussed it out - so here's a tutorial for anyone else who needs this!


  6. Reeeeally clean design, @ChrisSmere!

    You asked for some feedback, and honestly it was really find anything to fault.

    The only two areas that kept catching my eye were here 1. and 2.

    1. just felt a little tight especially with the descender of the g
    2. I felt that these could have a little more padding towards the edges - I presume they are equal spacing from the top and the sides but it might be a bit of an optical illusion that causes them to feel cramped.


    Overall though, really well done! Great alignment, very clear and easy to understand even without being able to read the language.

  7. I recently saw the tutorial by @Multi4G on how to use the Assets in Affinity Photo, and I was wondering the limitations of this before I go importing 26GB of paid stock images.

    Would doing this
    1. lag Affinity on load / on opening the assets manager?
    2. clog up my hard drive storage? (my resources are stored either on USB or Dropbox)

    I can't seem to find the file location on Windows where assets are stored so I'm not sure how this works.

    Many thanks!


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