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  1. melior64

    Claas Lexion 750 combine harvester

    Great texture work on the crops!
  2. It sounds like Affinity Designer would be a good choice for you! There are lots of tutorials available in the forums here and also on YouTube. This is a great skillset to have especially when it comes to content creation for digital marketing.
  3. melior64

    Affinity Photo for macOS - 1.7.2

    YESS! Thank you! I use this all the time!
  4. melior64

    Introduce Yourself

    Hey folks! I'm TJ, you can find me everywhere online by /melior64 I've been using Adobe since 2005 but am in the process of transitioning over to Affinity! I'm blown away by the free trial of Designer and am part way through my trial of Photo. Great to be here and looking forward to learning some great stuff! I'm super friendly so send me a message on any platform
  5. I'm currently trying out the free trial of Affinity Photo and decided to spend the evening streaming - I thought it would make a neat timelapse! The one major thing that I couldn't figure out was text on a path. Really enjoying how easy it is to transition from 14 years of Photoshop. I am excited to see what else I can do with this!

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