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  1. No. Any other object in the vicinity of the group with these bugged elements would ignore being selected and they would only act as selected when zooming out considerably. Moreover, when randomly clicking in the top right area next to this group, then it would start selecting objects from the group. It's as if the program was thinking the objects were there and not where the objects were shown. I solved the problem by recreating the icon in the file I was mainly working on, but this is a mysterious occurrence. Again, what I did was make an icon in another file and then taking it to the file I was working on. That seemed to have messed up the hierarchy and the bounding boxes for some reason. I even restarted my PC and it was still acting like that.
  2. Hi there! Might have pressed something unwillingly, but double clicking on any object no matter which always selects the top layer/object. Have no clue how to fix this. Restarted the program and nothing. I need to mention these layers were brought in from another Designer file. Thanks in advance!
  3. Raphael Michael

    Selecting multiple points with multiple selections?

    Thanks for that! Was asking mainly for the rectangle selections, but it works with those, too. My mistake was trying to select as soon as I began holding the other finger on the canvas. I need to give it half a second or so before attempting multiple selections.
  4. I apologize in advance if this was addressed before. I couldn't find anyone asking the same thing. I need to select multiple points on a vector object, but I can only do so by doing multiple selections. On PC I'd hold Shift, but on iPad I'm clueless. I could use my case keyboard for that, but I want to know how can one do it without the need of a physical Shift button. Thanks in advance!

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