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  1. Actually, I've discovered that, regardless of which method I try for macro recording adding a watermark (placing a png file, placing an affinity file, copy/pasting, creating a brush of the png of the watermark file) it works only while I am actively using Affinity at that time. If I close affinity and then reopen it for a new editing marathon an then batch process, the previous macro no longer works and I have to record a new one. Also, I can't find a way to record a macro for watermarking that doesn't resize the watermark based on the size of the photo, despite having a specific size of watermark file. I've attached 5 macros for you. None of them are working in the current session of Affinity Photo. If I were to record a macro of exactly the same directions of any listed in the attached files, it would work for this batch and never again. If I try it again, it crashes Affinity Photo. I attached my .png file as well, in case that is helpful to you. Thank you for your help-- LMK Macro 1.afmacro Macro2.afmacro Macro3.afmacro Macro4.afmacro Macro5.afmacro
  2. Hey all-- I've been attempting to batch export a number of affinity files to jpeg. When I do so, the program crashes every time. I am running a batch with one macro--add watermark, which involves opening a file as a layer and adjusting its position slightly. I am running 1.7.2 and have a fully updated MacBook Pro: 10.14.6. I have attached a photo of the basic specs for my computer. I have also attached a .rtf file of the crash report. I have plenty of free space on my hard drive, considering my computer was only bought five days ago. I adjusted the settings in the affinity photo preferences so that there is PLENTY of RAM to which it has access (it is actually on the max setting) and the warning for CPU usage is quite high, as well. I am attempting to save to jpeg, as I mentioned, with quality at 100. Last night, when I built the aforementioned macro, I attempted to batch export several files (4) and the operation was completed successfully. Today, I am not able to batch process even one photo without the program crashing. I have attempted to process this with parallel processing AND without parallel processing--neither has any effect on the crash. I read in another post (listed below) that this problem had been rectified with an update to the software; however, I can assure you it is still a problem. One of the most important reasons I have for using Affinity Photo is the ability to batch export. If this doesn't work, it will affect my ability to do my job--I certainly can't export photos one by one. I will also add that I have tried closing all applications on my computer, shutting it down, allowing it a tiny bit of rest, and turned it back on. I found that these actions did not affect the crash; however, I could not call myself IT (or a fan of IT Crowd) had I not attempted such a solution. I would appreciate any help you can offer. Please review all the details of my post before responding. Affinity Photo Crash Report.rtf
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